Respect Your Elders from LUSH

Hello Fiends and Fanghouls! This spooky soap is regrettably not a part of LUSHoween, but with it’s spooky, swirling purple look, I feel like that’s where it belongs. Respect Your Elders is a phenomenal bar soap I got from LUSH the other day when I was buying a present for a friend. I did get her a present, but I also got me a present, and it’s finally time to use it.


Respect Your Elders is a really long bar of soap that smells beyond delicious. When I use it, my entire bathroom fills with the scent of grape (which is weird because there isn’t grape in it). I believe the Elderflower is what causes that grape scent, and it also causes you to fall in love with this soap and never want to use anything else again. It’s bewitching, to say the least.

Not only does it smell phenomenal, but it also makes your body silky smooth, and feel like a darn dream. I love it. I am incredibly bummed out that it’s so darn long, though, because that makes it more difficult to bring with me on the plane (and any other travels) so it will be staying home this week while I’m partying in California.


LUSH makes products that are ridiculously good. There’s really not much more to it than that. I have found very few products that I was not 100% for, and I think that proves just how great their stuff is. If you are near a LUSH store, I highly suggest you at least take a whiff of Respect Your Elders because it smells so amazing, and I am going to go rub it all over myself right now.

Stay spooky, Fangirls!













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