All New All Different Avengers #8

Ok, between 7 and this, Uncanny Avengers 8 happened. I haven’t been reading the new iteration of Uncanny Avengers, Fangirls, so I’m turning to the previously on section to tell me what happened in between issues. So, all our heroes both Avengers and Unity Squad were put under a spell by Kobik, a little girl made from cosmic cube fragments. They all thought that they had normal lives. Thanks to Rogue’s great training from Professor X, she broke the spell and woke everyone up. But Kobik is not happy that they have returned to their ways. So let’s go into issue 8 of All New All Different Avengers.

all new avengers 24

It opens rather ominously with death and destruction labeled “fifteen minutes from now”. Great. Now, Kobik wants the Avengers to go back to sleep, back into the spell. Quicksilver gets everyone away from her in order for them to figure out what is going on. Everyone is spread out and communicating together through telepathy. Vision, naturally, figures out what is going on first. They piece together what happened. The two Maria Hills come to fill in the gaps. Kobik comes to them all next and says that Pleasant Hill was meant to be peaceful, but the bad ones are waking up.

A battle breaks out between the heroes and the villains. Deadpool goes to Kobik to try and calm her down, see if the battle can end that way. He convinces her to take back her control. Someone has been controlling her the whole time, but thanks to Wade Wilson of all people she can take control herself. She disappears as an Avengers call comes through. And it’s from a restored Steve Rogers.

all new avengers 25

We need to talk about this image. First off, STEVE IS BACK BABY. I love Sam Wilson as Cap, I’ve loved all the Caps. But to see a young Steve Rogers once again. And surrounded by his best friends Bucky and Sam? OH YEAH.

Looks like Standoff will be concluded soon, so next All New All Different Avengers will be back to normal.










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