31 Nights of Horror: Week 3

Though this is only the second time I’m writing about this, we’re actually in our third week of spooky movies. Sadly, we’re a bit behind, as last week we were in Disneyland and a combination of travel and busy-ness halted our movie watching progress, but we’re working on it. Here’s what we’ve watched since last time.


We started hilariously strong with Ginger Snaps. It’s another High School Horror about a girl named Ginger, who (when bitten by a werewolf) gets hit hard by puberty. She infects another student and is pretty set on wrecking everyone, but her sister is not about it. Rob said there’s a sequel, and I may have to look into it. It’s an incredibly gory movie, and it’s not quite as dark as they wanted it to be, but it was perfect for me.


Next, we watched The Addams Family movie. This was perfect because last week we went to Disneyland as Wednesday and Pugsely Addams. I’ve seen this movie numerous times before, so it wasn’t the biggest deal when I passed out 3/4 of the way through. If you’ve never seen it, or at least haven’t in awhile, you should. A man impersonates Uncle Fester in hopes of getting his hands on the Addams family fortune. It’s perfect, really.


After that was Lost Boys, which I’ve seen has a ridiculous following online, and now I (kind of) understand why. It’s about grungy pier vampires, and a teen who falls into their midst. Luckily, his kid brother has the help of Corey Feldman in taking down the vampires. I see the interest in it, internet.


We watched Sleepy Hollow after that, and I wasn’t super impressed with it. I missed the end because I fell asleep (literally the story of my life, so sorry), but it wasn’t quite worth going back for. I saw most of it, and it was dark and gritty, but it didn’t feel right. I don’t think this is a Halloween movie that you need to see by any means.


We followed that up with The ‘Burbs, which was the total opposite. It’s a hilarious movie about some dudes who think their neighbors are grave diggers or monsters of some sort. They become so obsessed with it that they break into the house to spy on them, and find… nothing. It’s great, to watch these guys freak out and see that there’s nothing. But the ending makes this one worth staying awake the whole way through for.


At our five hour layover in Chicago, we watched Monster Squad, which is another movie that I adored. Monsters come back every 100 years and it’s nearly impossible to stop them from taking over the world. But these kids are determined to stop them. It’s like the Goonies are fighting monsters of legend instead of their usual host of baddies. It’s one that I’m planning on rewatching, because it’s too hilarious.


After we returned from Disney, we watched Mad Monster Party, which is not the best. It’s the same style of story and movie as the classic Rudolph movie, and that’s not the best thing. It kind of reminded me of Hotel Transylvania, but not nearly as good. I fell asleep during this one and when I woke up, Rob turned it off and we moved on.


We followed that up with Death Becomes Her, a movie about eternal life and failing bodies. I absolutely adored this one. We watch as two women duke it out for a man, realize that they’re in the same immortal boat, then go on to try to keep each other together. It’s beyond hilarious and I can not recommend it enough. Add it to your Halloween movies, it’s a must-see.


After that, we watched Little Shop of Horrors, one of my favorite musicals and movies. This isn’t a Halloween based movie, but just a great one any day. A plant shows up and it’s preferred food is human flesh; what’s not to love? This time we finished the movie, then looked up the original ending (watch it here), and I was so bummed that it wasn’t the one that they used because it’s great.


Next up we watched Fido, another of my favorites. Fido is a zombie manservant that a family gets in a time when it’s normal to have a zombie or two to help out with the chores. I love the beautiful and bright colors of this movie, but I also love the idea of folks just having zombies, kind of like the end of Shawn of the Dead. If you haven’t seen it, it’s my favorite zombie movie.


Last night we watched Tremors, a movie about a small town that realizes there are terrifying, subterranean creatures, and they’re hungry. The folks in this tiny town have to figure out a way to defeat these critters that find them by the vibrations of voices and movement on the surface. I’m sure it was scarier when it was originally released, but it was a good time watching it. I think it’s worth a watch if you’ve got the time.

And now you’re all caught up! We’re still about 3 movies behind, and it’ hard to catch up during the week because we work such opposite shifts. Rob doesn’t get home until 9, and I can rarely stay awake past 10. But we’re trying! So far we’ve been able to watch the movies together, maybe on Sunday we can catch up a bit. Stay spooky!












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