Sexcastle by Kyle Starks

Fangirls, this is another lovely comic from the ever lovely Marty Day. At first I was a bit out off by the title; while I do enjoy some solid smut, a castle full of sex seems like a pretty big nope for me. But when I started reading and found out it was (almost) entirely a bloody as heck action comic, I got pumped, and read on.


Be aware: this is a mature comic and images that may not be for everyone follow the break. There is blood and violence, and even a bit of sex. 

Hey, you made it past the warning! Congrats. So let’s get down to it.


Sexcastle is an ex-assassin. He killed people for just about his whole life (especially when he was in the assassin’s guild), but after killing the Vice President landed him in prison for awhile, he decided to go clean. He travels to a small town, finds a flower shop, and asks the owner if he can work there. She’s totally down, until she finds out that he’s an ex-con.

But when the local gang busts in, demanding the money she owes them (and offering that sexual favors replace some of her debt), Sexcastle is not about it. He kicks some major butt, inciting the rage of the gang’s leader.


The gang’s leader (and his super evil cat) hire the assassin’s guild to take down Sexcastle. Seeing that their old mate has left the world of mhrder behind for flowers, the assassins assume it’ll be an easy fight.

I loved it. I don’t tend to think I go for the violent comics, but this one was a blast! It seemed pretty clear that they didn’t take themselves too seriously, and that was really nice. The art is fun and very square, and the story is great. If you’re up for a violent-as-all-get-out romp, grab Sexcastle and get ready.












All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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