Nerds Gotta Eat at Disneyland

Alright Fangirls, last week I ate a lot. Probably too much (which is why my body is mad at me now) but it was totally worth it. I’m trying to get back into my less terrible eating habits now that we’re back in Maryland, but I keep thinking about that tasty California food.


We started out so strong by going straight for the Mickey Waffles. We went straight to the Plaza for an all you can eat breakfast buffet (the stuff of legends) and prepared for our first Disney Day while being visited by characters like Captain Hook and Minnie Mouse. Mickey Waffles are a necessity when you go to any Disney park; you want to make sure you get them for breakfast at least once on your vacation. There’s something special about them. We also ate other things at Plaza, but mostly Mickey Waffles and fruit (also the hash browns there are not good. Don’t get them).

After getting through about half of our day, the hunger hit, so we went to Flo’s V8 Cafe in Cars Land in California Adventure. There, Cassandra & I had the Vegetable Mash while Rob had ribs (maybe?). The mash had been changed since I was there last year, and now included more mushrooms so most of my time was spent pulling mushrooms out instead of enjoying my food. We did get a milkshake that was beyond amazing, though, and something that I think everyone needs to get if they’re in California Adventure.


After that, we walked around quite a bit more, and ended up with a frozen lemonade. Not something exclusive to Disneyland or even California, but always a good pick-me-up with sugar and tart lemonade. If it wasn’t so chilly here, I’d consider making some.


We finished that night off with a veggie burger that was not good (it was legitimately hard, and difficult to eat), but it had Disney fries with it, and that is some good stuff right there.


Plus side, the cups are halloween themed, and I got one full of water there and it was SO CUTE.


We went home very full that night, but we still had two days of California, so we were nowhere near done! Bright and early we got breakfast at a little place in Downtown Disney, and I had a brioche french toast that was beyond compare. It’s making me salivate as I write this, which is frustrating because I’ve never made french toast on my own before. Soon I will teach myself. I must.

Crying because wow.

We didn’t quite have set meals that day, so there was a lot of snacking. We got Dole Whip (aka the most important thing to eat; pineapple heaven). I love the dole float because you et pineapple juice with your pineapple soft serve. It sounds like a lot, but it’s perfect.


For another snack that day, I had one of these adorable cake pops. I find that Disney cake pops are not only the cutest things ever, but also perfectly soft and slightly underdone. I can’t handle it. I would gain so much weight if I lived near a park.


But I had those (from the Grand Californian) with some hot spiced cider, which warmed me in all the right ways. I feel like the only thing that would improve it, would be alcohol, but it was amazing without. We watched the Cadaver Dans perform while I snacked, then we got going again.


We had dinner at Earl of Sandwich that evening, and though my vegetable sandwich was super tasty, the mac ‘n cheese left a lot to be desired.


Then we went trick-or-treating at the Halloween Party. We ended up with so much candy. I brought most of it home, and it’s going to take me awhile to get through it.


The next day we weren’t at Disney, so we just had some classic California foods! We had In N Out for lunch. In N Out is rad because it’s only in California, and it’s the best fast food ever. I’m glad it’s only on the other side of the country, because I would be eating it constantly otherwise. I got a grilled cheese (which is the same as the burger, just sans meat), and Rob got the double double. There was also a milkshake, but it wasn’t as good as the one at Flo’s.


We had an ice cream snack that afternoon at Hans’ in the Packing District. I got Strawberry and Chocolate scoops, and it took me forever to get through because it was so delicious and rich. If you’re nearby, get it. It’s amazing.


We then had Del Taco for dinner because it’s another thing we don’t have here. It was like Taco Bell, except a billion times better and it honestly felt cleaner to eat it. I want more, but it’s not here, which is, again, a good thing.


We finished up by having drinks at Trader Sam’s; a tiki bar themed after The Jungle Cruise (best ride ever). I drank mine and most of Cassandra’s drinks, but I have no clue what either of them were called. They were both tasty though!


That concludes our food trip through Disneyland. If you go to Disney, there are always tons of things to be eaten, regardless of preference and dietary needs. Rob is allergic to so many things, and he ate a ton there without issue. Just make sure to tell servers about needs beforehand or at your table. They’ll make sure you’re well taken care of!












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