Things have been beyond wild these past couple of weeks. We did Disneyland two weeks ago, last weekend we drove up to NY to get some of my furniture and stuff, and last night we got furniture in from Rob’s parents’ place. It’s a lot of good in a relatively short amount of time, which is both exciting and stressful.


I’m happy all of those things happened; that we went to both Disneyland and my parents’ house, and that we were gifted so much furniture by Rob’s parents. Now things can (and have to be) organized. Rob came to bed super late last night because he was going through all of the stuff (we got little shelving units and chests from them filled with things from his childhood). Now we have to figure out where things go, which is crazy and exciting.

Our studio is set up furniture-wise. He still needs to figure out what his desk is going to do, and what’s going to go on it, then we have to figure out storage. Our living room / dinning room area, however, needs a lot of attention. We have one (relatively) large, open room that serves as a dinning area and living room. Where yesterday morning there was just a pile of stuff from New York, there is now the stuff from NY along with a dinning room table, a love seat, recliner, 4 chairs, a tiny filing cabinet, 2 trunks, a chest of drawers, and some other miscellaneous items. It’s a lot to consider, but I think tonight we’re going to get a part of it set up.


Monday is Halloween. I love the idea of Halloween; it symbolizes fall, there are goofy decorations, pumpkins, all sorts of cool things to enjoy. But in practice, I can’t stand it. I get incredibly anxious about Halloween and having to deal with it, because I have a phobia that hits hard on Halloween. I am struggling not to focus solely on the fear, but I started having panic attacks and stress-outs on Tuesday, for something that was literally a week away (my hands are shaking as I type this , it’s that stressful). I’m very grateful that I work with someone that I’ve known for awhile, and he can understand me not coming in Monday. I will be trying to get through as much of next week’s articles early on so that I can take it easy on Monday and try to focus on being okay (in truth I will probably spend the day petting Pokémon because that genuinely helps me calm down).

I hope you have a lovely Halloween, and remember to respect people’s phobias, and to not push people, especially on a night where fear is very real for many.














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