ColourPop Haul-oween

‘m pretty dang proud of this title, so let me just bask in that for a brief moment. Alright…now that I had that pleasure, lets get to it! I ordered some things from ColourPop (a super rad and inexpensive cosmetics brand). For the most part, I have only ordered their lipsticks as I have not dove into the world of eyeshadow in a very long time, but seeing as Halloween is on a Monday this year and many people will be trying to look spooky, I decided to break the comfort level and grab some eyeshadows (along with a highlighter & blush that are not included in this because I still have too much fear to wear them).


First of all, I want to let you all know that it took so much courage for me to wear these because (like I said) it’s been awhile since I’ve even considered eyeshadow a daily thing, but also, I work in a warehouse. Let me repeat that once more for the folks in the back; I work in a warehouse. It’s a serious struggle to put product in my hair, much less do full make-up. But I realized, that regardless of where I’m working and how the folks around me dress (I work with a bunch of dudes, none of them are wearing make-up), putting effort into my appearance helps my mood. With the dark months coming, I need as much positivity as possible, and if that means doing my brows to move boxes, that’s what I’m gunna do. Because guess what? I’m worth the time.

Now, onto some eyeshadow (and lipstick). First up is 8-Track.


I had various fears in wearing each of these, with this I was scared that it would be too much glitter. Dear past self, you’re wrong. 8-Track hits that sweet spot of color and sheen, and is a perfect addition to any fall look; the gold mirrors the warmth in your fall beverages and the dead leaves everywhere. This is the first one I tried out, and it’s definitely the one I have worn the most.

Next is Paradox, which is a name that I love with a weird passion.


My hair looked the best this day. Paradox is red, which made me worry that I would look bloodshot or theatrical, but nope! I looked like I knew what I was doing with eyeshadow, and was the most visible of the shades I purchased. I also got the most compliments with Paradox, because it came off relatively pink and was far more subtle than I expected. This is another one that’s great for fall, but will carry through to Christmas with the greatest of ease, as I just need to whip out the green eyeliner to be deck-the-halls-ready.

The final eyeshadow I bought was Dance Party, and the name almost speaks for itself.


This wasn’t as intense as I worried it would be, and I was so glad. Its a pale purple shimmer that made me feel like the most subtle Frank-N-Furter out there, which apparently my hair was down for this day. I found that It had quite a bit more sparkle than 8-Track, and the purple wasn’t as wild as I thought, and it was great.

Now, I went light with these every day because I am not going for daily costume looks at work. But, if you apply these with a finger instead of a brush, things will be brighter and more intense.

I only bought one lippie stick, which is weird for me. Dukes is a fun one.


Dukes is a nice, super deep purple. It treads the land in between brown and purple incredibly well. This I did not wear to work, but wore on the weekends all the time. It’s a good fall color because it’s spooky but also goes with the flannels and warm, deep tones of fall. But I really do enjoy the mild “Craft” feeling I get when wearing it. It makes me feel way more punk rock, and that’s always a good thing. It goes on smoothly, lasts, and stays high pigment, but it does bleed a bit. These photos are after a day of wear (I reapplied maybe twice throughout the day, including once right before I took these).

Since Halloween is tomorrow, I know that it’s a tad too late to be picking these up for tomorrow, but they’re all phenomenal fall colors, and I love them desperately. I think they’ll last into the deep dredges of winter for me, and I’m glad. Make that fall feel last as long as possible, ya know?

If you’e looking to purchase these or any other of ColourPop’s products, you can click the links below!
Dance Party















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