No-Spend November

Money saving powers, activate! The other day I read about something that many folks participate in, called No-Spend November. Much like No-Shave and No-Pants November, this is a way to spend the entire month of November not doing something. This time around, it’s spending money.


Of course, there are things we have to spend money on; food, electricity, rent. But those are necessities. Eating out  and seeing movies aren’t necessities. So you cut those. That doesn’t sound to hard to me, it’s not furnishing my ridiculous collections that’ll be the hard part. I’ve found a phenomenal Haunted Mansion shirt that glows in the dark that I want pretty desperately, and I’m in love with this brand of Disney themed candles, but both have their release and re-stocks today. Since it’s November 1st (and I brought 3 candles home the other day), I’m skipping the purchases.

I won’t be buying pins or clothing or beauty products or comics, or honestly any of the things I spend my money on. I will probably make an exception for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them because 1 it’s my birthday and 2 New Harry Potter Movie. Can’t miss that. But other than that (and family christmas shopping, which is mostly done), I will not be spending money on things other than necessities this month. Does that mean I’m canceling my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, or that I’m leaving my phone behind? Hell no. Those are things that, though they aren’t food or water, are vital to my existence. No, I don’t use CC daily, but it’s freaking Christmas Card making time and we have a pretty dumb idea to execute. I need the CC to help me with that. Also Rob gave me a great gift idea for one of my best friends. Not letting that go to waste by getting rid of CC. Also I’m not leaving my phone behind, that’s foolish and dangerous.

I’m excited to try this out. I have al of Rob’s presents here, and have most other Holiday presents ready to go. I will probably buy a train ticket to New York, and get my Maryland ID, both of which cost money, but are necessary. I can’t not see my family sometime around the holidays, and I need a new ID. It’s not quite as No-Spend as it could be, but it could also be a lot worse.

So what does this mean for Fangirls? Quite simply, nothing will change. I think I’m going to go get a library card this weekend, which will make getting free books a whole lot easier. Also, I have a ton of books and graphic novels around the house that I haven’t read, but I want to. This may give me a reason to stop being a lazy bum and actually read some of them. I’ll of course continue buying food, so I’ll happily share some of my favorite fall dishes with you, and as for beauty? I already bought the stuff that I wanted most of the Lush Holiday Collection, so I can check that out for you, and when we went up to New York I brought down a good-sized box full of sample products. Plus I have a drawer full of unused stuff in my bathroom. There is no lack.

But I won’t be going out to eat, for lunch or dinner. I won’t be buying things online, or heading to the mall just to browse in Lush (because that never works). I’ll be using what I have, and keeping my wallet on me for ID purposes only.

Feel free to follow along; I’ll be recounting my spends every week and sharing how I kept the boredom at bay (we have Netflix and I know how to knit, also I bought the Sims 4 yesterday). I’ll take any helpful hints you may have, and I wish all of you participating good luck!
















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