Cleopatra In Space Book Two: The Thief and The Sword

Mike Maihack has done it again, fangirls. The first Cleopatra book introduced us to this lovely lady who was thrown forward in time to become the savior of the galaxy. We read as she recovered an ancient artifact, made friends, and even started future space school. But this one gets a fair bit scarier, and it looks like book three is about to lay some serious business in us. But first, The Thief and The Sword. 


In book two, a thief comes into the school in the middle of Akila (Cleo’s roommate and best friend)’s dance that she’s been planning. Cleo does her best to stop him, but her attack is halted by Khensu (her cat mentor/sidekick). He tells her that she is breaching protocol, and brings her back. 

After that, Cleo is even more in the center of everyone’s sights than usual. Folks are fighting to sit next to her in class! But she’s not the stealthiest, and a substitute teacher is quick to point that out. Would that have helped her in going after the thief? Quite possibly, but Cleo is more about blowing stuff up. 

After doing some research on the stolen sword and the tablet that brought Cleo to the future, Brian suggests that he, Cleo, and Akila go see Khensu to learn more about these ancient artifacts. Khensu proposes a field trip but it’s cut short by Octavian (the creature Cleo is prophesized to stop). 


Before budging into their field trip, Octavian had hired the thief to steal the sword, a sword that granted unlimited life and was also supposed to be what Cleo needed to dethrone him. Of course he wants it. But he goes after Cleo and her friends once it’s his, and the book ends there. 

Maihack’s writing style is a bit different from what I’m used to, because he seems to use fewer words in the beginning, and more in the end. The action does get spread out through the books, but fight scenes become more in-depth as we started to understand characters more; as if they were opening up to us. I think it’s a very simple and subtle method, and I really appreciate that it makes you pay more attention to the art(also done by Maihack). 


These books are a phenomenal romp, and I’m glad I got 2 and 3 at the same time because I need to read book 3 right now! I have always had a blast reading his books, and it is a great all ages novel. I highly suggest it, as it’s a fun and unique book. 

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