The first week of November is ending, and I’m excited because I think I’ve started No-Spend November off rather well, I’m getting back on track with exercise, and I’m keeping my birthday anxiety as low as possible.

I got this big meal in exchange for bringing cookies to a potluck yesterday!
I got this big meal in exchange for bringing cookies to a potluck yesterday!

So I know we’re only on the 4th day on November, but I’m proud of my No-Spend November-ing. I decided that I would allow myself up to $20 a week in present money. The catch, however, is that the $20 has to cover tax and shipping (if applicable). If it doesn’t, that present has to wait until December, or I have to find something else. I feel very cheap doing this, because I usually don’t feel like $20 is enough, but I have other gifts already for the people I’m finishing up buying for, and I can make things as well. I spent $13 on a present this week, and that’s it. I do have to buy my birth control pills this weekend, and that costs about $30, but that is a necessity, so it’s a pass.

The thing I’m most excited about this week, is the amount of stuff I’ve accrued in these short few days. I got a full meal (and dessert) for free at work yesterday because I baked cookies (here’s the recipe; it’s simple, and barely needs any ingredients). I also brought home 5 bottles of water, 4 apples, 2 jugs of juice, and a tiny Powerade from work. They had a caramel apple bar the other day, and when it was done no one was taking the apples. So I’d take one now and then when I went to grab water. The bottles of water they had at the other building left over from a party, so my boss (who gave me the juice and Powerade) and I walked over to nab some yesterday.

Other free stuff!
Other free stuff!

It’s neat grabbing stuff like that. It felt a little wrong at first, but I think as long as I don’t take more than I’d use, it’s worth it.

I have been feeling incredibly cruddy about my body lately, so I’ve started working out at the gym at work. I’ve been doing small ab exercises (incredibly strenuous on your period, let me tell you), along with jogging and speed walking (with weights!). I weighed myself this morning and found out that I’m the same weight as I was, but I’ve lost all of my muscle definition. So in the mornings I’ve been doing Fireman’s Carries and Windshield Wipers. I’m also back trying to pay attention to my intake (both food and water), and getting rid of some of the Disneyland candy (bringing it to work today). I want to regain my shape and feel better.

Altogether, my outlook on November is pretty dang high, and I’m surprised by that. My birthday is full of exciting things instead of fear (Steven Universe the night before, Pokémon and Fantastic Beasts the day of, and friends are coming over that night to celebrate a little). I’m hopeful that things will stay this way.














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