Haters Back Off

Alright Fangirls; I was scrolling through Netflix last week (dismayed that they still haven’t put the most recent season of Bob’s Burgers up) when Haters Back Off popped up. Since it was only 8 episodes, I figured I may as well try it out, and see how I liked it.


I’m glad that I did because Haters Back Off is hilarious. It follows Miranda (someone who has never heard “no” from her mother) as she and her uncle try to go through a 5 Step Plan to become famous. The first step is a viral YouTube video, and that ends up being quite the situation.

Miranda comes away from her viral video with a death threat and a sense of doing more. It’s hilarious and a little worrisome; throughout the series you see how her actions put others in jeopardy and the toll that she takes on her mother.


Though the series is incredibly funny, there are some heart wrenching moments, and to be totally honest, I didn’t like Miranda at the end of it. But I think the show was done phenomenally. It isn’t too long; it’s a great weekend binge that won’t make you too emotional. But it is definitely worth a watch!












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