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Hey Fangirls, today I thought it would be a better plan to share some things I was sent (and found) about supporting folks who will be needing it once the President Elect comes to office. My plan is to support companies and businesses owned by women and people of color that are working to benefit women. Some of these are NSFW, and I’ll make sure that is clear.

Illustration by Lucy Knisley with ways to help.
Illustration by Lucy Knisley with ways to help.

Since her illustration is above, and was one of the first things that I saw with positive information, we need to talk about Lucy Knisley. Knisley is a comic artist & creator who makes books and journal-type comics (like pictured above). This illustration was one of the first (and most memorable) positive things I saw after the election was called. Though she discusses the fear that is taking place, she concentrates on things everyone can do to help. Her Twitter and site are there, and links to the organizations she mentioned are here; Planned Parenthood, The ACLU, Friends of the Earth, Border Angels, & The Future Project. If you can donate, those are great places to do it.

Yesterday, Natalie (who used to write a lot of Feminerd articles here) sent me this phenomenal article from Autostraddle. That list includes artists and creators who are doing commissions and giveaways and donating their money from them to charities like the ones above. I highly suggest you check out that list; the holidays are right around the corner and there’s nothing like a unique piece of art as a present, especially when the proceeds go to a great cause.

NSFW. Unbound is a female run sex-toy company that prioritizes women (and they offer a subscription box). Their twitter and site are worth checking out, as they have been offering words of encouragement and support (plus female-led business).

NSFW. Another gloriously female-led sex shop is SheBop. It’s endorsed by Erika Moen and they want everyone to be happy in the bedroom. It’s another place to check out for your bedroom needs and wants, that is led by women (twitter here).

NSFW (kind of). Erika Moen is the creator of Oh Joy Sex Toy, a comic about sex toys that do and don’t work for her and her husband. She is a fantastic creator to check out because she not only promotes positive sexuality, but also companies that  do the same. Her twitter and site are here.

Bitch Media is a fantastic, feminist news outlet. They have a magazine that you can subscribe to, are active feminists, and are eager to help others become active. Their site and twitter feature a lot of articles from their magazine, so it’s worth giving them a follow.


These are not the only lists you should go off of. If you are looking to be active in a nationwide or local way, start using google. I will be knitting hats to send to homeless youth shelters, specifically ones who open their doors to LGBT youth in need. There are ways to volunteer; you can learn how to be a Planned Parenthood escort and help people walk from their cars into offices (because protestors can be an issue). You can march, donate, and be vocal. Last week, my mum sent me the above text, and it really hit home with me. Keep that in mind, Fangirls.














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