Lush Haul-iday Part 1

Fangirls, as many of you know, I’m an idiot for Lush products. I love their collections, their mission, everything. So last month (when I was still buying beauty treats for myself) I picked up a good sized chunk of their Holiday collection.


I know it’s not a crazy amount, but I want to take it in 2 articles because I don’t take as many baths as I used to, and I honestly forgot about a couple of these. So we’ll start with four, and we’ll go through the other three next week. So sit back, grab a sweet drink, and prepare to want to spend all of your money.


So White
This is the only product from this haul that I had last year as well. I adored it then, and I still did this year. It’s a very strong apple smell, and it’s named after my girl Snow White. It makes your tub a beautiful green and lets you soak in tasty fresh apple smell. It didn’t dry me out, and I’m always grateful for that during winter. Buy yours here.




Never Mind The Ballistics
This was a new one for me, so I was excited to check it out. The top half of it has a bath melt coating that makes your soak extra hydrating. I used this one while I shaved and was so happy to have extra soft, smooth legs afterwards. It smells of citrus, which isn’t a thing I think of when I think holidays, but I loved it regardless. I highly recommend this one, I know I’ll be grabbing more after the holidays. Buy yours here.




Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub
This was another newbie for me. I was handed a sample as I checked out, which I’m super grateful for. I have 2 Lush Lip Scrubs already; I love what they do for my lips, but they last for quite some time. I couldn’t justify buying another, but if you don’t have any, or are starting to run low, grab one of these. It is the sweetest lip scrub; it smells and tastes delicious, and I think I would rot my teeth out if I had a full pot of it. If you’re unsure, this is worth asking for a sample (which they will do for you). I really loved it. Buy yours here.


Baked Alaska Bar Soap
This one was a rad decision. I buy soap far too often (I have enough to last for at least the next year, but I keep buying). Though it smells nothing like Baked Alaska, the soap is phenomenal. It smells sweet and fruity, and I can’t get enough of it. Lush bar soaps are neat because they can cut them pretty darn thin for you, and sometimes will do samples for you if you’re unsure. This is another one that you should try out. I loved it, and get excited about showers because of it. Buy yours here.

So that’s all for Part One. I’ll finish them off this week, and let you know next weekend how I feel about those final 3 products. Stay healthy, Fangirls!














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