I know that journals usually happen on Fridays, but this past Friday was my birthday. I struggle pretty hard with birthdays; I tend to not feel like I’ve accomplished as much as others my age, and that gives me a lot of anxiety. I have had birthdays where I couldn’t leave my room because I was so overwhelmed. It seems like my worst birthdays are milestone birthdays, and luckily 24 isn’t that much of a milestone (unlike 16, where you’re *supposed to* get your permit, or 18 where you’re legal, or even 21 when you can purchase and consume alcohol). I did pretty okay for most of Friday, and I think it’s because I’m very lucky to have kind and understanding people in my life.


On Thursday we stayed up to go to the midnight release of Pokémon Sun & Moon (rather, Rob stayed up and woke me when it was time to go), so I got to start my birthday with Pokémon Sun, a game that I am really enjoying. We played for a bit; I fell asleep playing and thankfully Rob saved my game for me. When I got up on Friday, I was a bit anxious because I didn’t know what the day would be like. I had opened presents when we came home from getting Pokémon, and we had a day planned out so I would know what was going on beforehand (no surprises to worry about).

I ended up playing more Sun and falling asleep on the couch, then waking up and playing more. When we finally got ourselves into gear, our friend Jamie came by and gve me some adorable pokémon themed gifts; little Marill, Mudkip, and Bulbasaur plushes, some super tiny metal castings of Bulbasaur and Cyndaquill, and a precious Rapidash drawing she did for Inktober. It was really helpful to see someone who knew that I would be anxious and just wanted to shed some positivity into my day, and I’m incredibly grateful to her. You can see Jamie’s art and other things on her twitter.

I got some really wonderful presents from Rob; massive sleeping Pikachu plush, some adorable Pokémon stickers, Pokémon Sun, and some pins that were practically made for me (a Mickey Mouse Pikachu and a classic tattoo style hand holding a Pokéball). Plus, we spent the day doing things together. We went to see Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find them, which both of us thoroughly enjoyed, bought some Christmas presents, and ended the night with dinner at Golden West. It made for a very relaxing day.

My mum sent me a package with presents in it, and it’s all stuff to help me with being active in the dark and cold, so I got some reflective gear for running, a brightly colored running jacket, warm, reflective running socks, and a beginners guide to yoga DVD, which I’ll probably be trying out tonight. She also got me a face mask and gift card because she knows I like to pamper myself. I haven’t used the mask yet, but it’s from Freeman, and that’s a company I enjoy. I got myself a nice sweater dress and tights from Target with the gift card.

I was also lucky enough to get a set of four beautiful copper mugs from my friends Brandon & Kelly. My favorite drink is a Moscow Mule, and now I can make them at home (they are always served in copper mugs).

We also went to Sephora and Ulta, where I have loyalty cards. They have special gifts for folks on their birthdays, and they’re always different. Neither costs any money to be a part of their loyalty program, and it’s a neat perk (plus you earn points that can be spent on future purchases). I also got a trial box from Julep, a subscription service that actually fits into my mailbox here, and that had a couple neat goodies in it (including the nail polish pictured above). I’ll be reviewing that box next weekend, after I get through my Lush Haul-iday stuff.

I’m very grateful to have such kind and giving friends, and I know that there are some folks who I didn’t get to see on my birthday who I would have liked to. At the end of the night I experienced quite a bit of self doubt and deprivation, and I’m still trying to cope with that. I’m hoping being out of the house and moving around a bit will help. But altogether, for this being the first birthday where I’m (permanently) away from home, it was pretty darn good.















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