Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I went into this movie with very specific expectations. I wanted a movie about magical animals, and Newt Scamander finding them in New York City. That isn’t quite what I got, but I still really enjoyed myself.


Fantastic Beasts follows Newt Scamander (author of the wizarding book of the same name) as he comes to New York to (as he says) release Frank. Frank is one of his many glorious creatures that he keeps in a suitcase. Instead of releasing Frank, Scamander is caught up in a witch hunt; someone is trying to bring back the Salem Witch Trials, because they believe that witches are in New York (spoiler, they are).

While this Second Salem woman is doing her parading, there is an ominous force destroying things around the city. We learn that it is an Obscurus is rampaging about in New York, which is a massive problem. An obscurus, according to the movie, is what happens when a young witch or wizard hides their magic. It is a physical manifestation of their magical abilities, and is dangerous; most obscuri (?) destroy themselves by age 10, and take their witch or wizard host with them.

This is Frank and I love him.

I was not expecting several things that happened in this movie, but I was incredibly pleased to see all of these beautiful creatures. I have read that there will be more, and though the story wrapped up quite neatly, I’m excited to see more creatures.

I think this is a movie worth seeing. Rob is not a fan of Harry Potter, but he deeply enjoyed this because it made more sense to him. There are secret wizard-only areas, but unlike in the main Harry Potter series, the wizards (barely) interact with muggles / no-majs daily, and aren’t astounded by their technology. I liked it, and I’m intrigued by the future films. We’ll see!














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