Static Nails

Fangirls, I have had my eye on Static Nails for almost a year now; lusting over them and thinking, I’ll never have a time to wear them, so I never bought them. That is, I didn’t buy them until I got a vacation to NY for a week when I knew I wouldn’t be needing to be doing any serious work (my job was packing boxes, now it’s putting papers in envelopes; neither is a great place for long nails). So I grabbed a set and put them on while I was in New York.


First of all, these things are gorgeous. I love having pretty nails; when I was in high school, someone paid for me to have acrylics on all the time. It’s not something I could go back to (they get expensive and ruin your nails), but that’s where Static comes in. Static Nails does a more temporary manicure, that can be reused, painted, and removed without harming your nails. As someone who had acrylics a lot; I found this incredibly difficult to believe. But I was proven wrong, and very glad that I was.

The fanciest talons.
The fanciest talons.

I put on my Static Nails manicure with the goal of not keeping them on super long. They are far longer that I am used to (and can be filed down, but I was feeling adventurous), which made them feel a bit impractical, but they were beautiful, so I wanted to try them. And I loved them! They were on for about a day and a half (which is perfect with the amount of glue I put on and my ability to function), and I got countless compliments. Plus they can last up to 18 days (with multiple uses) so the next time I need to get fancy, I have something quick and easy to do with my nails! Application took less than 10 minutes, and they were less than $20 at Sephora (Static Nails can also be purchased through their own website). So not only do they cost less than an equivalent manicure, but they’re quicker!

My mum and I dipped ornaments (using nail polish) and I was worried about my nails, but nope! They can be painted and have the polish removed without issue!
My mum and I dipped ornaments (using nail polish) and I was worried about my nails, but nope! They can be painted and have the polish removed without issue!

I recommend these for fancy occasions. I know some people go all out on their nails every day, but I can’t do that. I’m clumsy so I fall a lot, I cook, and I sew. Long nails aren’t really for me. But these make nail decisions easier; you pop them on and are ready for any sort of fancy function, without breaking the bank or ruining your nails. A+ job, Static Nails!

Purchase at Sephora or Static Nails.












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