Pokemon Sun

Alright friends and Fangirls, I finally got through it. I beat the elite four in Pokemon Sun this weekend, and I loved every second of gameplay. I hope you’re a pokefan, because I’m about to lose my mind on this game.


Pokemon Sun (and Moon) take place in Alola, a new region that is based off of the islands of Hawaii. This is great because it’s the first Pokemon game set in an American region, so your character is experiencing all of the things as new with you. That also means that the game offers a bit more in the form of explanation for everything, so it does get a bit wordy at times. But there are a couple new things that I want to focus on, because it is another Pokemon game; the goal is to catch ’em all.

Ride pokemon are a relatively big part of the game this time around, and that’s because there are no HMs in Sun/Moon. You don’t have to have lapras in your party to use surf, you get access to (basically) a lapras pager that calls one to you every time you need it. This goes for flying and moving large boulders as well (along with smashing boulders and trekking across dangerous terrain; thanks Mudsdale). It’s a neat feature, and definitely makes parts of the game far easier than they were before.


I don’t know what to call them, other than move explanations, but these are also a very present part of the game. Once you have battled a pokemon, the next times you battle that same pokemon again, you’ll have access to which of your moves are “Super Effective” and “Not Effective,” because the game tells you. When I first heard about this, I thought each of your pokemon had to battle a wingull to learn the effectiveness of their move, but nope. If your toucannon battles a wingull one time, all of the following times any of your pokemon fight a wingull, there will be an indicator of each moves’ effectiveness. It’s another thing that makes the game easier.

My favorite update is Pokepelago. Pokepelago is a place where your pokemon can basically work for you, so they’re not stuck in their boxes when you’re not fighting with them. They can hang out, relax in a spa, search for shiny stones (mine came back with one the other day and I lost my mind), tend to a berry patch, or even train and level up. It’s crazy, but really awesome because I hate that they’re in boxes all the time (shout out to my babies in the bank; you are loved and I miss you). I think the level up area is great because (again) it makes the game easier. No more grinding with everyone to get them to level up; you can send them to train, then give them spa time, and they’ll have a great time.


Everything that I’ve read (and experienced) with Pokemon games is that they get easier with each new addition. That is incredibly true with this game, and I have no qualms with that. I think it’s a blast playing with my pokemon and giving them beans (because there aren’t pokepuffs in Alola). I enjoyed this game so much, and I can’t wait to fill up my Alola pokedex (which gives you percentage updates every time you catch a new pokemon, heck yeah).

If you like pokemon, I’m sure you’ll love this game. And if you’re unsure, you probably will too. It’s fun for all ages, there’s less “catch them all” pressure so non-completionists will still enjoy it, and it’s a really neat story. It’s wonderful and you should play it.











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