Sailor Moon

Fangirls, I have finally begun watching the magical girl anime, Sailor Moon! I’ve been told for ages by several people that I would really enjoy it, and now that we have hulu, I can watch it without having to pay the crazy prices for box sets (season 1 was about $75 when I checked). I’m glad that so many people have recommended it to me because its phenomenal and I love winding down while watching it.


Sailor Moon is about a pre-teen named Usagi, who is approached by a talking cat (Luna) and told that she is the pretty guardian who fights for truth and love. With the help of gadgets from Luna, Usagi becomes Sailor Moon and helps to keep her friends and townsfolk safe.

Usagi is joined by several other girls, who become the other sailor guardians. I haven’t gotten too far in, so I’ve only met Sailors Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. I was told repeatedly that I am very Sailor Jupiter because she’s cares passionately about her friends, is strong, and is always ready to fight (plus she looks absolutely killer in green), and I’m appreciative of those comparisons. She is my favorite so far; Mercury is a bit too meek and quiet for me to associate with all that much, and Mars is a bit vindictive when it comes to Usagi. She also lets her anger control her, which isn’t super great.

Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Jupiter

Though I’m nowhere near finished with Sailor Moon, I’m loving it. There seems to be a lot of filler in episodes; when they fight, we see each Sailor’s transformation sequence and that takes up a fair amount of time, plus there’s an intro after the theme song, and it’s quite a bit. But I still really enjoy it; I just have to get used to it.

If you like pretty girls eating and freaking out and doing incredibly relatable things, while also being badass and cute, check out Sailor Moon. It’s fun and cute and a great all ages watch.











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