Over the Garden Wall by Pat McHale & Jim Campbell

Okay Fangirls. Awhile back I watched Over the Garden Wall from Cartoon Network, and loved it. Over the Garden Wall is a short series about a boy and his brother lost in the woods; they went over a literal garden wall, and found themselves in an extremely bizarre land. It’s quite a bit more dark than what I usually look for in a TV show, but it was beautifully done, and the ending was surprising. When I was in New York, my mum insisted that we visit my old comic shop to say hi. While browsing, the trade of Over the Garden Wall caught my eye, and I had to pick it up. I’m incredibly glad that I did, because it’s beautiful and funny, just like the show.


This trade paperback consists of 5 chapters, each of which gives insight into things that happened in the animated series, all in between the episodes on tv. I loved it. It possesses the same erie yet fun quality that the show does, and gives the reader a bit more information on what’s going on.


I really enjoyed reading this tpb because of the extra insight, and the extra character development. I especially loved that readers learn more about some characters, specifically Fred the horse and the mysterious woodsman. Though this gives characters some background, I don’t think it should be read before the show. I think this does better as a compliment after watching the show; I think it’s better to meet the characters in the show before seeing their backgrounds unfold a bit in the book. Plus, some of the backgrounds are a bit spoiler-y, and no one wants that.


All in all, I loved reading this. It’s fun and dark, without going too far in either direction. I loved reading about the small misadventures Wirt and Greg get into, and Beatrice’s ever watchful eye. So go watch Over the Garden Wall, then pick up this comic! You’ll love (and be a little spooked by) both, and it will be great.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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