Hawkeye 1: The adorable archer takes aim- ON DANGER

First of all, great job on that byline, Marvel. It’s really something. Second of all? Holy CRAP Kate Bishop has her own Hawkeye comic! After reading Fraction’s Hawkeye, I fell in love. I loved the way Clint was in that book; he’s snarky, doesn’t want to do anything, and is hyper aware of his lack of powers (shout out to whoever decided a beat up head was needed to exchange with the regular one on the action figure). Clint is a grump, and there are two (main) things that keep him moving through his days; Lucky (aka Pizza Dog) and Kate Bishop (aka the other Hawkeye). My friend Cassandra forced me to read Fraction’s Hawkeye because Kate and I have a lot in common, and she recognized that. And we actually bought Kate’s first issue the same day (which is incredible because we talked about it months ago and she lives on the other side of the country). But let’s get down to it.


Kate is living in Venice, California in this book, which is where she went for a bit in Fraction’s book. She’s started up her own Private Eye business, but when people see her sign, they either think it’s for an optometrist, or the “real” Hawkeye. She is pretty fed up with this nonsense so after a day full of garbage, she snaps at a young lady who is really just looking to hire a PI to help her feel safe again.

PS she saves a bank in the beginning because she is THE BEST.
PS she saves a bank in the beginning because she is THE BEST.

Mikka is being cyber bullied. She has a blog and is in college, and is constantly being harassed by someone that she thinks goes to school with her. The school’s board has blocked the IP of the user harassing her, but he just gets a new one every time. So she finds Kate, and asks for her help. Kate agrees, because not only does she need work, but she cares about people, and she goes to the school.

After nabbing a badge off of a student, she hops onto a computer and is offered help by a lab assistant. She explains that she doesn’t understand how to track an IP or anything like that (same, girl) but she needs to. When he says he can do it, she offers him an assistant job with her, and then goes to follow Mikka. Her goal is to see if anyone is creeping on her, and make sure she gets to her next class safely.

Kate sees someone creeping hardcore, and goes after him. When she gets to him, she finds a bunch of stalker-type photos of Mikka on his phone. But while she’s chasing him down, something happens to Mikka, and that’s where the issue ends.


I was so excited about the existence of this comic before it even came out, and oh man did it deliver! It’s an issue full of energy, written by Kelly Thompson (who also writes Jem), and illustrated by Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire. The art is lovely and the pages remind me a lot of Fraction’s Hawkeye without being too on the nose about it. I loved reading this, and I can’t wait for the next issue.



















All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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