Julep Beauty Maven Box

Hey Fangirls! Once agin I’ve received a lovely little box from Julep, and I loved this one a million times more than the first! It felt more suited to me…because it was! When you’re signing up for Julep, they have you take a little beauty test, and that way they learn a bit about what you like! mine determined that I love deep and classic colors for lip and nails (something I probably have too much of already), and boy did they deliver!


In my December box, I got two absolutely gorgeous nail colors, and a lip mousse that I did not expect to like. I was blown away by how wrong I was about that! Plus they sent along a little candy stick to keep my holidays sweet.


The first thing I tried out was the Kristjana nail polish. I like purples, but I don’t usually go for them; they’re dark and usually not the right shade for me. This, however, as like painting tiny galaxies onto my nails. It is full of glitter, but not to an obnoxious point, and it still spreads pretty darn easily. I put it on and immediately felt like Princess Amara from Starfield (a fictional show in Geekerella). It’s gorgeous, and once I decided to take it off of my fingernails (so I could try out the other nail color), I immediately put it on my toenails. It’s beautiful and it lasts really well.


Next up, I tried the lip mousse. Like I said, I wasn’t very enthused by it; I thought it was just going to be another lip gloss, and I’m not a fan of glosses. But as soon as I saw the applicator, I knew things were going to be different. This went on thick, but its supposed to (I think). It wasn’t chunky, but it felt a bit heavy. But it also made my lips feel like velvet. I have a couple gloss – to – matte lippies, but they always ten to almost green my lips; they’re apt to flake off and crumble and not be all that great. Not this stuff. This mousse stayed on like a regular lipstick; it wore away from the middle/inside out, and was easy to reapply without looking clumpy. I will be using this all the time, especially since it’s a phenomenal color!


Lastly, I tried the other nail polish I was sent; Roselyn. This went on just as smoothly as Kristjana, but I wan’t the biggest fan of the color. However, it’s a great silver. It’s the perfect wintry silver, with sparkles and easy application. Though it’s not my favorite color, it’s still a beautiful polish, and works well.

I really enjoy my Julep boxes. They’re a lovely little present to myself, and the stuff in them are always full sized, instead of the sample sizes that many boxes do. If you’re looking for a good way to make yourself try some stuff you wouldn’t normally pick up, this is a great way to do that! Plus if you’re not down with the products, they make great presents! You can learn more here.


I hope everyone has a great holiday, and remembers to take some time for themselves!











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