Fangirls, I love musicals. I also love animated movies. Bonus: I love talking animals. Sing was practically made for me. Coming from the team behind Secret Life of Pets and Despicable Me, Sing seems like the answer to Disney’s Zootopia; a story set in a world without humans. It stars an adorably crafty koala, who is on his last ditch effort to save his theatre. He hopes that by creating a singing competition (where auditions were open to the public), he would be able to sell out the theatre and settle some of his debts. Unfortunately, the flyers made for the competition had some extra 0’s in them, so the grand prize is advertised as $100,000 instead of $1,000. Oops.


I loved watching this, not only because of the combined love of animated features, talking animals, and a musical feel, but because we don’t just see the main animals at their competition rehearsals, but also at home, where they’re working their butts off in all sorts of ways to make their dream a reality. For example, Rosita (the female pig) is a stay at one mother of 26, and it’s her job to get all 26 piglets up and ready for school, and to help her husband get out the door. Since she wants to sing in the competition, she invents a machine that runs through the house, and takes care of everything for her. It wakes the kids up, feeds them, helps the husband find his keys, and even reads a story to the kids when it’s bedtime. It’s wild!


The movie is fantastic. There’s a great mix of characters with all different lives in there; a mouse with too big of an attitude, an elephant with stage fright, the monkey son of a criminal; the list goes on. I had a blast watching it, and it was a great way (for me) to start off my long weekend from work. Though I’m sure it’s not for everyone, I had a ton of fun watchingSing, and I’m sure the kids in our lives would love it. The music is phenomenal (and will be helping me get through work and runs this week), and makes the casting a bit surprising, but in a fantastic way.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, you can check it out below. And if you have time, go see Sing!











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