Favorite Presents

As you may imagine, I received many nerdy presents for Christmas this year. I love getting nerdy things, I love that my friends and family understand my nerdyness. And this year was no exception to the fun nerdy gifts I’m used to. Below are some of my favorite ones.

Harry Potter Changing Mug

One of my best friends found me this mug that is not only Harry Potter themed, but changes with hot liquids. I used it for this first time this past week, and it was awesome. At first, it has a bunch of dementors coming at you. But as you add the liquid, the words Expecto Patronum appears, and Harry’s Patronus drives the dementors away.

I love it. I grew up with Harry Potter, I will never let Hogwarts go, and this mug is perfect to me.

Geeky Sweatpants

Ok, this may not sound exciting to you, unless you’re like me and you’re obsessed with comfortable sweatpants. I received two new pairs, one representing my Hogwarts house and the other themed from my favorite video game series.


You can get the pants in any of the four houses, with the logo. And yes, I said all four. Unlike other places, ThinkGeek has all. Four. Houses. I personally am a Ravenclaw, and I can’t wait to lounge around in these pants and show off my Ravenclaw pride.

The other pair are Legend of Zelda themed, and they have the Master Sword and Hylian Shield all over them. Again from ThinkGeek, they’re so soft and comfortable. I plan to play my new Zelda games wearing them, channeling the power of the Hero of Time to help me win.

Both pants can be found at ThinkGeek, as can so many other amazing items. Believe me, this store is gorgeous and dangerous to geek wallets everywhere.

The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook

One of my favorite series on YouTube is Nerdy Nummies, a baking show hosted by Rosanna Pansino that features nerdy themed baked goods. The decorating skills she has and teaches are incredible and impressive. And she has released a cookbook full of these decorated nummies.

As you can see, she breaks up the designs by subject, including math and science, tech, video games, etc. She begins with basic recipes for cakes and frosting and cookies. Her creations are amazing, simple, and I can’t wait to make my first one.

This cookbook can be found at any book retailer (Target, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon), and the series can be watched on YouTube by searching Nerdy Nummies. If you’re a geek who likes to bake, definitely check out Nerdy Nummies.











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