Presents Forever

Alright friends and Fangirls, it’s time to brag. We all love presents, and I got some phenomenal gifts this past Christmas, so let’s celebrate the great!


Disclaimer: all of the presents I got are phenomenal, and I love them so much. It was legitimately difficult to decide on my favorites because Rob & my family are all such great gift givers.



I watched Moana and cried and live to the soundtrack. So almost all of my presents from Rob were Moana related, but my absolute favorite of them all is the concentration on Maui. Demigod, shapeshifter, and savior of mankind, Maui is rad. He’s got one of the best songs in Moana (Rob votes Shiny, but I live for You’re Welcome). I got 2 Maui gifts, a tiny Maui, and a larger one that came with a 12 inch Moana, and respectively sized Put and Heihei. The big one is my favorite, of course, but I learned that the small one can be held by the larger, and that is a special type of magic. You can get your own mini Mauis at Target (big).


Blend it, baby!


My mum got Rob and I a few “couples” gifts; stuff for the apartment that may not be necessary, but will make it more fun and home-y. One of the things that she got us really blew me away; a blender! It’s a Faberware and though I’ve yet to use it, I’m really pumped about it’s existence. On a similar level, my grandma bought me a CrockPot for my birthday, and I love it. Home goods aren’t always nerdy, but they are so helpful, and appreciated. It’s here, on Amazon, if you want to match.


Cutie Commission


Fun fact, there’s a rad artist who goes by the name (and handle) Pseudonym Jones. They are not only a phenomenal artist, but super cute and incredibly friendly! Rob commissioned them to do a great piece with the two of us, and it’s incredibly accurate to us. You should really check out Pseudonym’s twitter here!










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