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Fangirls, I am in love with subscription boxes. It’s a dangerous obsession, but I’m not too concerned; I can totally stop whenever I want to, I just don’t want to right now. One that I had been lusting over for quite some time was the FbFitFun box. I wanted it, but it’s a rather expensive subscription, even though it’s only 4 times a year. But a couple things worked out; I wanted a scarf that was in it (and the scarf alone is about $35), and I got a coupon code that reduced the price pretty significantly. So I sat myself down and justified the heck out of this box.


I am so glad I tried this out. I was not expecting it to be as full as it was, but as you can see, it’s packed! There were so many things in there, and I was so anxious to try them all out. But I did something I usually don’t do first; I found the booklet that tells you how much the items in the box are worth and needed to sit the heck down because I spend around $50 on this box valued at about $260. That’s so much money for these things, and they’re all worth it!

Look at how happy this scarf makes me!
Look at how happy this scarf makes me!

The first thing I checked out was the scarf, of course! It’s a blanket scarf from ModCloth and is the actual reason I wanted this box to start with. It’s massive; “blanket” is no overestimation. I could live in this scarf, because not only is it massive, but it’s so soft. Please bury me in one of these please.



Next I tried out the Zoya brand nail polish. I have a lot of nail polish, thanks to an overwhelming urge to purchase every shade of mint that I ever come across, and my subscription to Julep. But I honestly only have one other nude nail polish, and it’s (legitimately) garbage. It’s a cruddy brand that I bought only because I wanted my nails painted while working at Disney. Nude isn’t really the color I usually go for; give me cute and powerful colors (I have too many mints and reds). But I loved this one! It’s just a couple shades darker than my skin tone, which means it hits that sweet spot of not blending in or standing out too much. Plus, it looks really classy! I felt very adult wearing it. I’m not ready to convert completely, but I think it’s a great shade for business things and formal events where I don’t know what to do with my nails. Plus it’s touted as cruelty free, which is always a nice bonus!


Okay, look at this mug. The day my box came in, I had a really rough day. I wasn’t feeling great mentally, ate too many bagels, and disappointed myself with my run. It was rough on my self esteem. But this cute (but a little cheesy) mug turned my day around. It’s cute, positive, and keeps me from burning my fingers (always a positive). It’s also exclusively made for FabFitFun, so it’s pretty unique. I love it, and it helps me to start mornings on a positive note.


Alright, I’m not much for going crazy over hair products. I found that It’s a 10 works well for me, and that’s all I use. This bad boy above, however, is something pretty special. I would never buy it for myself (the $23 price tag makes me a bit nervous, especially if I hadn’t used it before), but I tried it and was a pretty big fan. It’s a styling serum; keeps the frizz down without making my hair look greasy. My favorite thing about it, though, is that it leaves a nice scent lingering all day. It’s not a strong scent, but something where if I gave you a hug, you’d catch a whiff of my pretty hair and it’s pleasant smell. If you’re in the market to try a new styling elixir, and are looking to treat yourself, this is the product to check out. It’s lightweight, does it’s job, and smells great. I’ll be using it for any and all special occasions coming up this year!


I don’t like lipgloss. I’ve said it a billion times here; if it’s coming in a gloss-like package I am going to be very unsure of it, and unless it turns into a matte lipstick, I’m not going to be down. Well, this doesn’t turn into a matte lipstick, but it also doesn’t rub off everywhere, make me feel slimy, or disappear as soon as anything touches my mouth. This is a good lipgloss. I’m still not much of one for a super shiny lip, but this is a cute pink, and thought it won’t be my go-to when it comes to pinks, I definitely will not be tossing it any time soon.


As of right now, this is the product I have used the most (or at least the same number of days as the nail polish has been on my nails). I’ve used it every day since I got it, because it’s lotion and I handle paper all day at work so I have some seriously dry hands. It smells wonderful, the scent lasts, and it hydrates my hands very well. I only use a tiny little bit because it spreads wonderfully. I was definitely worried because I don’t think of Manhattan Beaches being the nicest scent, but it’s lovely. It’s a sweet scent with just a hint of musk in there to keep it from being overpowering. I use it twice a day, every day, and I’m hoping that it’ll last quite some time.


This necklace also came with the box. I’m not the biggest fan of necklaces; I wear an arrow one often, and before that I wore an earth necklace, but that’s it. I usually only adorn my neckline when the plunge of my shirt needs to be distracted from. This is a cute necklace, but I’m honestly not sure what to do with it. I don’t know if it will become a gift or a giveaway, but it’s priced at $65 so it’s hard for me just to toss it. I’m sure I’ll come up with something to do with it.


This face exfoliant confused me. Not in use, but in the name; it’s a little bizarre. It’s not a terrible name, but it seems incomplete. Also, it’s not a peel? It’s a spray that you rub in then rinse off. It felt really nice, but I didn’t notice any difference in my skin itself. I liked it, but I can’t say that it wowed me like some of the other products.


Last, but not least, I got a cute coloring book and some colored pencils. The coloring book is rad, and gives credit to the artists who designed the pages. It’s a fun way to destress, and the images are fun.

Everything about this box has been enjoyable. I’m excited to get my next one, and you can sign up for your own here!











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