New Year, New Me, Who Dis

I think the whole “new year, new me” trend is a bit hilarious, but if a clean start is the best way for you to get yourself on track, then do it. Hell, it’s what me and the boyfriend are doing! We’ve started watching what we eat, and I’ve been getting up even earlier to exercise daily, but I’m going to talk more about that tomorrow.

Since I’ve been getting up earlier and exercising, plus eating better, I’ve lost weight. I’ve been feeling pretty good about it all until yesterday, when I noticed some serious pain in my back. Because of that, I skipped most of my cardio day (I still did 10 minutes in the morning of dance cardio, but now I do that every day, regardless). It felt cruddy to both miss out on cardio, and decide against following an unrealistic diet on the same day; it felt like failure.

But today is a new day. I did my “bootycore” leg and butt work out, 10 minutes of dance cardio, and I feel good. My back still hurts pretty terribly, but I have a heating pad on it, and that is helping a bit. Plus, I tried on some fancy knickers that I bought the other day (that I have legitimately been too nervous to try on), and found that not only did they fit, but they look pretty dang good on me. So good job, self!

I’m hoping to run today. If I do, it’ll be inside, after work, because there’s snow on the ground and my body has had enough of me falling. With the extra exercise, I’ve also decided to limit my running to twice a week (instead of 3 times). The only exception will be races, which I plan to do quite a few of this year (even though most will be virtual). The first virtual race I’m doing was announced yesterday, the Mad-Eye Moody Constant Vigilance 5k! I already registered, and the recommended race day is February 2nd, but I’ll probably run it next week. It all depends on how my body feels.

I hope you’re all starting off 2017 exactly how you want to, and that you achieve all of your goals this year. #begood











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