Fit Girls Guide: 28 Day Jumpstart

Friends, Family, and Fangirls. Today we’re here to commemorate my pride in an online fitness regimen that came to me in the form of a digital book. The book tells you everything about how to live your life for 28 days; recipes, exercises, and positive reinforcements. Plus there’s an entire online community keeping up on instagram and twitter. It’s a bit wild, but I’m loving it so far.


If you’ve ever watched diet or skinny tea ads, you’ve probably seen Fit Girl ads too. I’m not a big fan oft heads; they usually show a woman with a good amount of fat on her body running and the fat melts away. It makes me feel guilty, both for my weight and my enjoyment of running. It’s not a nice feeling. But the book and the online community is very different from that. It’s all about positive reinforcement and supporting each other as we work our asses off, literally.

I’m only about a week into the 28 Day Jumpstart, but so far it’s working. I’ve lost some weight, learned that I have conflicting feelings on overnight oats, and I’m working on taking a step back to relax and just stretch for a bit (Sundays are “Stretch & Stroll” days, where you just relax and try to make sure your muscles are ready for the next week). It’s not easy to follow the program; I barely ate one of the recipes I was supposed to have for dinner because the other option was easier. I definitely don’ regret that, though, because I lost weight eating pizza this week.

The boyfriend and I had a pretty serious conversation the other day, about whether or not this system is healthy. Sure, it limits your intake and makes you exercise, but we’re not sure the diet in it is right for me. We decided that it’s best for me to continue the exercise plan, but not the diet. I will still be using recipes from it (I live for the pizza in it, no joke), but I haven’t been getting enough protein. I also haven’t been feeling super great, and it’s a definite possibility that the two are related. So I’ll be doing something that is a bit healthier for me; I’ll be focusing on portion control. Though I won’t be counting calories, I’ll make sure that when I’m eating, whatever it is, I’m only eating 1 serving of it. Because once that is in place, it will stick.

I like the exercise plan and the foods (for the most part), but I’m not a huge fan of the book itself. It’s very conversational, which is great because it makes you feel like you can totally achieve this goal. But it also feels a bit condescending, and that kind of bummed me out. That aside, though, the book is great. It full explains each of the exercises, all of the recipes, and even gets together a grocery list for you. I really appreciate that.

I’m enjoying this. I like losing weight, and feeling like I’m accomplishing something. I have a couple friends doing this with me, and I’m excited to see how we all do. Plus tomorrow is our first Treat Yo’Self day, so my friend and I are going to Sephora & Ulta (the books suggests a manicure but that wouldn’t last on me, and it’s not really how we want to spend our day. So we’re treating ourselves a different way).












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