Julep January Box

This box seemed to come even earlier than the others, which surprised me. It had 2 nail polishes in it, along with a moisturizer. I was pretty excited about the grey nail polish, but the iridescent green didn’t do anything for me…once I found out that it was sheer. I also was not about the moisturizer at first, but that changed pretty quickly.


I started with the grey nail polish because I knew I would love it. I have a nice pale grey that I swear by, but this has taken over my heart. It’s a beautiful, deep grey that looks like a rainy day. It’s not so dark that folks question my mood, but is nice and classy, with a depth that red doesn’t always give me. I felt like reading was the only way to spend my days in this nail polish.


Next, I tried the iridescent green on top of the grey, and it didn’t strike my fancy. So when it came time to switch things up with my nail polish, of course I opted to try out the green, but this time alone. It took me about 4 coats to get some pure color, which makes sense because it’s sheer. It made my nails look yellowed, when it wasn’t as opaque as I wanted. I’m a bit bummed that it’s sheer, since I love the color so much. But the sheer-ness of it makes it take a long time to put on, and layers can make nails get messed up easily. If it were opaque, it would be perfect. I’ve just got to learn patience and res out some other colors under it.


After that, I tried the moisturizer. I wasn’t super excited about it because I have a moisturizer that I’m rather attached to from Lush. But one day I finally decided to get to it, and rub the recommended 2 drops into my face. It felt crazy heavy at first, which bummed me out. I do not need to invite more once to my face, and this heavy moisturizer seemed like that it just wanted a zit party. So I tried to disperse it, and eventually, I got to a place where I felt okay. I went about my business; getting clothes prepared for the day and all the things I do before makeup. When I came back to the bathroom to do my makeup, though, I was super excited; my face looked bright and even, and I no longer felt like my pores were suffocating. Julep’s Rosehip Seed Facial Oil blew me away. It became my favorite product I’ve gotten from them practically overnight. I love it, and use it sparingly, but with love. It feels good to use, and makes me feel pretty spectacular about my face.


This month’s haul was pretty dang good. I am beginning to worry about the size of my nail polish collection (hey Julep, maybe some lipstick or moisturizer next time!), but I’m loving it. If you’re addicted to nail polish, Julep is definitely the thing for you. I feel like I ca wear a different color every week this year and that is, in part, thanks to Julep. So check out their subscription service here!











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