Relic Palette from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs

I have to admit, the big thing that sold me on this brand was definitely the package design. The palettes are coffin shaped, the mirror inside is shaped like a bat, and the box has skeleton hands giving you a heart. It’s all pretty dang amazing. So, I bought myself the Relic palette and got so pumped to see the cute designs in my mailbox.


Relic features five lovely (relatively) neutral eyeshadows, in a super cute, goth package. The coffin shaped palette has a ouija board design on the outside, and the inside mirror is shaped like a bat. It’s amazing. I was honestly so enamored by the looks of this palette that I didn’t want to even swatch it for a couple days because it was just so perfect. It’s adorable. But when I watched it, I got even more excited; these colors are nothing like ones in any of my other palettes, and they feel different. They aren’t too dark, but the pigment hits a sweet spot where I can layer without going over the top, but I can still get good color from just one dab. I love that.


I’ve been using these colors paired with ones from other palettes because these neutral colors are perfect for in the crease of my eyelid. The other day, however, I only used Relic for eyeshadow and loved it. I think it’s got some perfect, neutral colors, in the most wonderful packaging, and it’s just fantastic.


I’m really excited to order more from Lunatick because all of their packages are lovely (their lipstick looks like bullets, I love it), and I have really enjoyed using this palette. I have a feeling that I will be hitting the bottom of the pan with this palette before any other; the colors go so well with anything; clothing, other eyeshadows, and lip colors. It’s phenomenal, and you can get your own here.











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