A-Force #8-10

I am so so behind on my comic reading. I took a night a while back to start to catch up, and I discovered something: A-Force has ended. Yes, the last three issues we’ll be discussing here are the final three issues for my favorite team. And they take place during the current Civil War run.


If you aren’t following the current Civil War run, it’s a battle of moral between Carol Danvers and Tony Stark. A new Inhuman has appeared who can see and feel terrible incidents. Carol and others want to take his visions and prevent them from happening. Tony and his group want to study the Inhuman before they make any decisions based on his visions.This causes many fights among friends, and during one of these battles She-Hulk is injured and in a coma. Ok, you’re caught up enough for A-Force.

A-Force 8 opens with the team around Jennifer’s bed, trying to figure out how to help. All except Nico, who is in the hallway by herself. She returns to Jennifer’s room to hear that despite Jennifer’s condition, Carol still wants to use the new Inhuman – especially since his new vision involves Nico killing a woman named Alice. And because of it Carol wants to arrest her.


Nico and Dazzler think Carol is insane, and Nico runs away from them all. She ends up in a town in Colorado where things are not going well. Somehow, giant bugs are invading. Nico meets Elsa Bloodstone, a monster hunter extraordinaire. Elsa tells Nico that something is turning the townspeople into these giant bugs, and they need to find out how to stop it.

Meanwhile, Dazzler and Singularity leave Carol and Medusa, going on their own to find Nico and protect her. Medusa and Carol realize that in order to find Nico they need to find this Alice that she will kill.

Nico and Elsa work together to get the bug issue under control, and they find a house full of unchanged people. It turns out Elsa was originally hired to find a girl from the town who has gone missing…named Alice. Carol and Medusa find Nico as she hears the name Alice. And issue 8 ends.

In issue 9, Nico, Medusa, and Carol continue their discussion on what to do with Nico and how to protect Alice. This goes on for a while, and Dazzler and Singularity enter as well. Elsa, Nico’s new friend, tries to calm them down. Singularity decides she is done hearing her friends fight, and takes them inside her to remind them what is happening.


The team comes together once more to solve this issue only to discover the house they’d been in has been infected. Carol, Nico, and Elsa go off to where they believe this infection started, still discussing the situation at hand, when they find the queen of the bugs. She speaks to Nico. The queen is Alice, who doesn’t know what happened to her to turn her and all of the others into giant bugs. Alice asks Nico to kill her, believing that will stop all of this and save the town. Nico doesn’t know what to do, so she turns to Carol only to find Elsa has been infected as well. And issue 9 ends.

Here we go, into the final issue. It opens where we left off with Nico’s friends all being transformed into bugs, and according to Alice only she can stop it by killing Alice. Singularity brings Dazzler and Medusa to Nico, but that only causes them to be turned as well. Nico thinks she has the answer and turns Alice back into herself. Or so she thinks.


For whatever reason, simply turning her back to human didn’t revert everyone else back, and no matter what Nico tries they all stay as bugs. The only way is to kill Alice, and as much as Nico doesn’t want to do it, she has to in order to save everyone else. The team comes together to figure out what to do now, as Alice wakes up as a humanoid bug creature. They realize she might be an Inhuman or a Mutant or some other altered humanoid, and offer to help her. But she declines and disappears.The A-Force members return to Jennifer’s bedside…and the issue ends.

I want more. I want this team to go on forever. I hope that sometime in the future Marvel creates another A-Force series. I have loved both series so far, and I want more for as long as Marvel exists. I’d love to see these women come together again not only in the comics but also in the movies (which wouldn’t be possible because of the whole X-Men not being in the MCU but I can dream). I don’t care where they are, as long as I can have this team back. It has been a pleasure to read this series.













All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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