Appdicted: Charity Miles

charitymiles1Fangirls, I’m torn up about this app. On one hand, it’s phenomenal. On the other, it doesn’t work super well with indoor movement, and that’s tough. But lets get to the down and dirty of Charity Miles.

Charity Miles is an app that works with other fitness apps (like FitBit or 5k to 10k) to donate money to charities while you walk or jog (I’m assuming it would work while cycling too, but I’m not sure if there’s a speed it doesn’t work over). This means that some companies have paired up with certain charities (Empower Girls, ASPCA, etc) to make a donation per mile walked. You’re working with thousands of other people to raise and donate money to wonderful charities.


Now, according to my friend, it works with treadmills. But I think I would need to be carrying my phone if I were to be doing it on a treadmill. I have noticed that it works in a similarly disappointing way to my FitBit and 5k to 10k apps; it uses GPS. When running outside, that’s phenomenal. I can see a map of how far I’ve gone with a listed distance. But inside, I’m lucky if I hit 1 mile (on a 4 mile run). Not great.

Just a few of the amazing charities you can choose to donate to.
Just a few of the amazing charities you can choose to donate to.

I’m doing everything right; I’ve got the app up on my phone, I’m running, and I’m not sure what else to do. I will definitely be trying it outside, when it’s warmer and I’m more able to run outside (and the fear of slipping on ice isn’t added to my already clumsy legs). But for now, it’s not working for me. But if you run outside, if you hike, or walk your dog outside, or do any sort of movement outside, I suggest you download this app. It doesn’t take up a ton of storage, uses the same amount of data for GPS as any other fitness tracking device does, and has tons of charities for you to donate to, without actually costing you anything. And that is pretty dang rad.











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