Something New by Lucy Knisley

Fangirls, Lucy Knisley seems like a damn rad lady. I was introduced to her work by Natalie, who wrote here for a spell. Natalie showed me French Milk, one of Knisley’s old books, about living (and eating) in France. It’s beautiful and poignant. Plus I have instant respect for creators who write and illustrate their own work. Knisley’s book, Something New, is about her relationship with her friend and on-and-off-boyfriend (now husband). It shows their relationship from the beginning through their honeymoon (which they took 5 months after the wedding). It’s a neat story, and a great way to catalogue memories.


Something New starts with the first date the John and Lucy had, and goes on to explain how wonderful their relationship was, except for one major disagreement; kids. That put a bit of  rift in between them, and they ended up going their separate ways; moving to different cities, seeing other people. But now and then they’d bump into each other, and then struggle to resume normal feelings after that. It’s sweet, but so sad. But during one visit, John proposed; his thoughts on kids had changed a bit and he had realized that they were better together.

After that, the book goes into all sorts of things about the wedding; dress fittings (she had 5 fitting appointments and wasn’t happy with any of the dresses), cost, DIY (there’s a chapter called “Do or DIY” and I’m just so dang impressed), with little interesting facts about wedding traditions throughout the book. I learned that in Korea, the groom’s ankles are tied together, then the soles of his feet are slapped with a dead fish. Gross, but interesting.


The book ends a bit after the wedding (I don’t want to spoil any of the perfect detail Knisley puts into all of it), with an afterward by John about a moment that happened on their honeymoon. It’s a beautiful book, full of detail and photographs, and illustration of course. It made me a bit nervous though. While engagement isn’t something happening anytime soon for me, this book (along with other folks in my life getting engaged and married) made me anxious about costs, and whether or not I’m behind in life for not being engaged. I keep reminding myself that I’m very happy where I am, and I’m grateful for the relationship I’m in. I’m surrounded by love and friendship, and that’s enough to calm down my anxieties.


If you are getting married, getting engaged, or just enjoy reading graphic novels, Something New is for you. It shows the stressors of a wedding pretty point blank, has recipes and DIY guides for simple decorations, and would honestly probably soothe a bride to be’s nerves a bit to see that things don’t go 100% smoothly for any bride.


You can grab your own copy at Amazon, Target, or do as I did and buy it at a local bookstore (thanks, Atomic Books!).











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