Regular Show

We have Hulu, and it’s helping us take binge-watching to another level. Sure, we have Netflix too, but they don’t always have the same shows. Regular Show is one of those shows that is on Hulu, but not Netflix. It’s hilarious and we started it last week, and are about 4 season deep at this point.


Regular Show stars Mordecai and Rigby, a human sized blue jay and regular size raccoon (respectively). They live and work at a local park, and are constantly almost getting fired. Their boss, a gumboil machine named Benson, is a bit high strung, and always has relatively simple tasks for Mordecai and Rigby to do, but they never seem to be able to handle them. It’s hilarious, and is scratching our itch for park related shows (we just finished Parks & Recreation).

Cartoon Network puts out some incredibly bizarre shows. Regular Show, despite it’s title, is one of the super weird ones. It is never discussed how a cardinal has a human dad, or how this gumball machine runs a park. That’s just how things go (I mean, a yeti and a ghost also work at this park, it’s a weird situation) in this universe.

While Regular Show is hilarious to us, we are constantly saying “kid’s show” to each other, because it doesn’t feel like a show intended for kids. It feels a lot like Rick & Morty, and JG Quintel addressed that, saying that the creators of Rick & Morty grew up the same time as he did, and were influenced and inspired by the same things. It makes sense; the styles are similar, and though the Simpsons isn’t marketed toward kids, it’s on during normal hours, and isn’t the most kosher of shows.


I think Regular Show is phenomenal. There are fart jokes alongside legitimate conversations about being true to your significant other and not leading people on. While I haven’t gotten choked up while watching the show yet, I have a feeling it’s a thing that will happen. But I do watch it while riding an exercise bike in the mornings, so really, who knows.

All in all, Regular Show is fun, mouthy, and hilarious. I think it’s ok for some tween to watch, but of course that’s up to the parents’ discretion.











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