Fangirl Fashions: The Lantern Girl Shop

Fangirls, I love pins. They’re the least expensive way to express yourself on a daily basis. You don’t have to worry about buying exclusively fandom based clothing, or the impact wearing aforementioned fandom based clothing at your job. Pins are relatively inexpensive, and come in a huge range of designs; creators all over the world are designing their own unique pins, and one of my new favorites is The Lantern Girl Shop.


The Lantern Girl Shop has a ton of (mainly) Sailor Moon themed pins, and since that is my most recent love, I fell hard and fast for the products! I bought myself 2 cute and relatively subtle Sailor Scout pins; a little golden moon, and a lovely little Jupiter transformation pen.


My pins arrived quickly and well packed, and I was incredibly excited. Plus, they included a discount code for my next order (which I’ll be placing soon, since a couple new pins were released!). I love the quality of these pins; the enamel is nice, they both have 2 pin spikes so they won’t flip, and came with rubber backs, which I’ve always found keep pins on better.


I love the subtlety of these pins, because if you aren’t a big Sailor Moon fan, they’re still cute & fun pins. But if you’re a fan, and you see them, it’s neat to see another fan! I think I’ll be going through my pin collection and showing off some of my favorite pins in a couple weeks, because I have some great ones and there are some phenomenal designs out there.

You can grab your own cute Moonie pins from The Lantern Girl Shop!











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