The Santa Clarita Diet

Alright Fangirls, this Netflix series is a hidden gem. It’s relatively new, but looks like some regular show with Drew Barrymore. It doesn’t look like anything special. But I binge-watched this bad boy on Sunday because holy guacamole it’s hilarious.


The Santa Clarita Diet is a show that the boyfriend and I literally scoffed at last week. It popped up & we laughed because we don’t need another suburban mom show. But I was browsing on Snapchat, and some website (refinery29 or Buzzfeed, I believe) put it on a list of secretly fantastic shows on Netflix. I read a bit of the blurb and was sold before I could finish it. But with one of my jobs and just life in general, I couldn’t watch it until Sunday. So when the boyfriend made breakfast on Sunday, I plopped down and started the Santa Clarita Diet.


It has all the makings of a classic, suburban mom show. It has a celebrity as the uptight mom, a husband who secretly smokes weed, and a daughter who likes to push her limits. But in the first 10(ish) minutes of the first episode, there is vomit everywhere. Drew Barrymore (the mom) Barca her way through a house showing, and they go to the hospital. She convinces her husband to take her home, where they realize that she has no pulse. Soon after, she finds out that her blood has turned into a black sludge, and she feels no pain.

Santa Clarita Diet
Santa Clarita Diet

Though her symptoms and transformation seem very Jennifer’s Body to me, the awkward nerd next door explains to the family that their mother is a zombie. They should keep her as well fed as possible, to avoid dangerous attacks.

As the show goes on, mom realizes that raw beef and chicken aren’t quite as tasty as human flesh, so she and the husband have to Dexter their way through this; only murder folks who deserve it and won’t be missed. All of this is happening while they’re trying to deal with their life as realtors and their daughter goes through teenager things.

This show is beyond hilarious. I loved watching all of it, and the end is a huge cliffhanger, so I’m almost as ready for season 2 of this as I am Stranger Things. Give me more silly, paranormal shows, Netflix! Also, everyone should watch the Santa Clarita Diet. It’s a bit violent and definitely gruesome, but in the funniest way possible.











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