Kim & Kim

Fangirls I finally read a book that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately; Kim & Kim. It’s a neat comic from Black Mask. It’s about 2 Kims who bounty hunt. The trouble is, there’s a bit of a bounty on their heads as well, as the boss of the largest crime is the one who put out the bounty.


Kim & Kim is a rad book. The story is neat and interesting, but moves very quickly. Interesting is really the best word I can use. I wasn’t super impressed with the art, and the speed, but I enjoyed reading this first trade.


One thing I didn’t realize before buying the book, was that it was rated mature. I guess since I’m clearly not under 18, it’s not something that the clerk would have needed to warn me about, but it’s definitely not for kids. The f-bomb is dropped repeatedly, and there are all sorts of curses. So it’s neat and cute, but not for kids.


Overall, I enjoyed it. I don’t plan on buying the second trade, but I had fun reading the first. If you’re down with cursing and cute girls killing stuff, then Kim & Kim might be good thing to check out for ya.











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