The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Fangirls, my mum has been suggesting this show to me for months, and during my sick time last week, I finally started watching it. It’s a show about (you guessed it) a crazy ex-girlfriend. A bit of a sexist term to use for the show, but that’s addressed in the theme song.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend follows Rebecca Bunch (played by Rachel Bloom) as she follows Josh Chan across the country. She was working in NYC as a lawyer, making bank, but had a bit of a mental breakdown one day and ran into her summer camp love, Josh Chan. He mentioned that West Covina, California was where he was headed to, and it was a place that made him far happier than New York ever could. So she decided that West Covina would make her happier too (and maybe she could marry Josh).

Out in West Covina, Rebecca finds out that there are no major law firms, so she takes a job at a relatively cruddy one. She also learns that Josh moved back to West Covina because of his girlfriend, Valencia. Rebecca is dealing with some startling reality, and it’s clearly pretty difficult for her.

She befriends Paula, one of her coworkers, and Paula really encourages meet-cutes and scheming about Josh. Rebecca goes along for the scheming because she still hasn’t gotten over Josh.


I’m almost through season 1 (of 2, both of which are available on Netflix) and there have been some oh s#!t moments, along with some really deep and aware moments. Where I am, 14 episodes in, Rebecca is realizing that she’s maybe not an innocent princess, but instead a villain in what she thought was her fairytale. I’m glad she’s realizing, but I don’t know what that means for her role on the show.

Each episode is about 40 minutes long (wow) and there are 18 per season (also wow). It’s a blast to watch, but I’ve had to pace myself because of the length of the episodes. My favorite thing about it, though? It’s a musical. There are 1 or 2 musical numbers in every episode, and they’re all over the place from Gaga-style music videos to segments where Becca looks like the Witch from Snow White.


It’s a fantastic show. I love watching it, and getting excited for the foolishness. I would probably say it’s PG13; there are some adult themes that aren’t intended for kids. With that in mind, it is a CW show, so it’s broadcast on TV, not just a Netflix exclusive.

If you’ve got time, check out Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s hilarious and full of great musical numbers!











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One thought on “The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

  1. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It is so dumb but in such a light and comical way, I love it so much! I could watch it for hours… The sense of humour in the show is on par with my own, so I just find myself laughing almost constantly, at least inside my brain. Love the insanity of it 😀

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