Appdicted: Moodtrack

Fangirls I’ve been suffering from a very severe depressive episode as of late. For me (and many others) that means an extreme loss of interest, increased negative thoughts, and just an influx of sad. It’s difficult for me and my significant other to deal with; there’s a lot happening in my brain, and most of it is bad. In minor attempts to combat the feelings and thoughts, I’ve been doing research at work; we have access to workshops, and some of them are specifically for mental disorders.

So last week I was reading about anxiety, and one of the suggested ways to start a road to recovery in some way, was tracking my mood. With my bullet journal laying unused in a drawer somewhere, physically writing out my feelings in paper didn’t seem like the most logical avenue. But the workshop also recommended apps for my phone. The workshop said that all app stores have a couple options for just writing down your feelings so you can see your ups and downs, so I found Moodtrack.

Moodtrack is a simple, anonymous app that is there so you can track your mood, and comfort/help others. Though the social aspect of it is free, you don’t need to actively talk to people, unless you want to.  You set up your account with a username that they encourage you to make random (they want it to be anonymous). After you’ve signed up, you can start logging your moods.

While logging, there is a space for your mood, and a description. I use the description area to detail what is going on in my head, and/or why it’s going on. Once you’re ready to submit is, a little star scale comes up with 5 star options, from worst to best. That’s how they put a visual tag on it; if you’re having a good day you have more high points on your chart.

This is not my chart, but a random person’s. I cropped the top out, where the username is shown, but you can see the chart that shows highs and lows.

The thing that I genuinely appreciate the most about the stars, is that I can search by star rating. So if I don’t have the capacity or drive to do something, but I do want to feel a bit better, I can search for 5 star feelings, and read about how well some folks are doing. It doesn’t always change things, but sometimes it helps just enough.

Moodtrack is a free app with in-app purchases (if you only wish to log privately, it costs about $1). It is an easy way for me to let out my emotions, and is always with me because it’s on my phone. I’m using it with the hope of eventually seeing a psychologist and having an actual track for me to refer to when I am asked how my week went.


If you are ever experiencing a crisis or need help, please don’t hesitate to call the Crisis Hotline Number: 1-800-273-8255











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2 thoughts on “Appdicted: Moodtrack

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this app, it seems like it’s a real ‘life saver’ and I can totally relate to how you’re feeling so it seems like it might be worth a try.

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