Madame Ladybug Ultimate Indulgence Box

Alright Fangirls, ages ago I got myself the Flo-Control box from Madame Ladybug. I bought it as a tester, and wrote my thoughts about it here. I was thinking about how nice it was to have snacks delivered before my period, along with helpful feminine care items. So I thought that it would be rad to go hard and get myself Ladybug’s fanciest box; the ultimate indulgence!

The first thing that I have to say is a big bummer; it came a week too late. These boxes are supposed to come a couple days before your period, because they’ve got tampons and pain killers and all sorts of great things to help with cravings and cramps. But mine came the week after my period. I was quite disheartened by that; until I read the back of the pamphlet.  The folks at Madame Ladybug had to evacuate their town due to a flood warning, and I think that’s a worthwhile reason to take some time away from work.

Lets start with feminine care. Madame Ladybug asks you which brand and size tampon you use, and then gives you a boatload. I don’t actually need more yet (guess who moved with about a year’s supply of tampons so no matter what she’s covered?), but they’re not going anywhere, and extras means I can bring a box to work for emergencies. They also sent some Summer’s Eve wipes, which can be super helpful (even off your period), a couple pantyliners, and some Advil packets. They cover all the bases, which is phenomenal!

Next, I got some beauty products. I got nail polish (which I wasn’t sold on in the bottle, but loved it when I tried it on), a bath bomb & lotion bar (which I will talk about in a bit), lipstick from elf (a brand I don’t use but my friend does!), and a simple necklace. I loved the nail polish and bath products, and like I said, I’ll touch on those in a bit more detail later.

I also got all the snacks. They sent both a salty and sweet bag. I’ve been counting calories again, as of late, so I couldn’t just dive into them, but it made packing lunch so much easier; there were new treats every day for work, and it was fun to switch it up! There was only 1 treat I couldn’t eat; the Moon Pie. I was a bit bummed about that, but it’s ok. Like with the lipstick, I’m sure I can find someone who will want it! I feel like I got a great mix of salty and sweet in this box, and that was phenomenal.

Now, about the bath bomb. It’s made by an etsy person (which is rad), so it’s handmade and Madame Ladybug is supporting an independent creator! All great things. The bath bomb itself was a very refreshing, soft smell, and it made my tub a little bit pink (easily wiped off, no biggie). It had more oil in it than I’m used to (spoiled by lush), but once it finally soaked into my legs, they became crazy soft. I liked it quite a bit, and you can check out the etsy here.

The lotion bar was pretty dang rad too. Another item that’s made by an independent creator on etsy, this was my first ever lotion bar. I usually go for the liquid because it’s what I’m used to, but this was nice. It’s definitely a little awkward; you have to warm it up with your hands before you actually use it on your body, and the heart shape is cute but also weif=rd to roll around in your hands. But it smelled fantastic, and lingered without being overpowering! It smelled like English Rose, which I equate to clean laundry. That is a great scent, and you can check out that etsy here.

Altogether I loved this box. I got more than enough snacks, period supplies, and cute stuff. I’m glad that I read the back of their pamphlet; I was worried they were less invested in their customers, but that is very much not the case. The folks at Madame Ladybug have a pretty great couple of boxes, so I hope you check them out at some point! I got this one for $34, and it was well worth every penny! Thanks, Madame Ladybug!











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2 thoughts on “Madame Ladybug Ultimate Indulgence Box

  1. At least you received a box, I ordered mine November 2017 and it’s now August 2018. They’re a scam, such a disappointment and waste of money.

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