Samurai Jack

Alright Fangirls, this will be brief, but we watched the premier of the new season of Samurai Jack, and I am just so head over heels in love with it, that I’ve got to talk about it.

I need to preface this with two things. First, I did not watch much Samurai Jack as a child. It seemed to be on Toonami a lot, and I wasn’t a big fan of that whole set up. Also, I was a big Nickelodeon kid. Hey Arnold had more talking and was more relatable to me, so I preferred that. Second, there is only one episode out. There isn’t a ton of material for me to talk about, but there are some things that stuck out to me that I’d like to touch on.

Even though I wasn’t a big Samurai Jack fan as a kid, I remember a bit of it. It starred a stoic and powerful Samurai, who wanted to help people. The style of the show was unlike any other I remember seeing in TV at that time, and I enjoyed that; it was pretty. Also, the villain (Aku) was pretty cool looking. Those things have transferred beautifully into the new show.

The scenes have cuts into them, and are reminiscent of a comic instead of a tv show, and it is legitimately gorgeous. As much as the “panel” style changes impressed me, I was so freaking pumped about the art. It’s an incredibly pretty show, through the gore and violence.

This version takes place 50 years after the other. Jack has not aged, but his hair has grown longer, and he’s still out there, protecting those in need. His usual sword, however, was lost, and now he uses guns and the coolest motorcycle I’ve ever seen (spikes come out of the wheels).

While Aku hasn’t shown himself yet, he has a fantastic cult of lady warriors who are out to kill the Samurai. Seven new daughters were born and trained to fight for Aku, and now they’re after Jack.

Jack faces one main villain during the first episode, and he’s perfect. Scaramouch is a fast talking (and scatting) robot. He’s hilarious and powerful, but Jack isn’t about it.

I’m so excited about this show. It’s beautiful and the characters are rad, and I’m intrigued about the future of the Daughters of Aku. We’ll see!

4 thoughts on “Samurai Jack

  1. I missed the premier because I had to work that night, but I can’t wait to see it! Thank you for sharing. The pictures made me even more excited to watch it.

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