Beauty and the Beast

I’ve been on vacation, but I knew I needed to take the time and go see the new Beauty and the Beast film. I grew up with Belle as a personal hero. Heck, I’m the same age as the original cartoon. It’s literally been with me my whole life. When I heard about the new version, all I had was excitement. And I certainly was not disappointed.

beauty and the beast

I’ll put a spoiler warning, but that’s only because I discuss the changes to the story. So, you know, spoilers.

I know some people were disappointed with the casting or the designs or whatever. The more I saw and heard about this version, I was excited. I thought the cast was perfect, the updated designs were beautiful, and the effects were stunning. And this was just from trailers and previews.

As the film played, I noticed the changes they’d made, and I found myself not minding. Some of the lyric changes in some of the songs I don’t fully understand, but others worked really well. My favorite lyric change is probably in The Mob Song where LeFou gets a line that shows his character growth, which I’ll get to in a minute. And the new songs fit very well, my personal favorite being Evermore.

There were personality and character trait changes as well to a few of the characters. They gave the Beast a dry humor, which I love. Maurice is an artist rather than an inventor, but again that fits very well. The best change was in LeFou, who throughout the film knows that what Gaston is doing is bordering on insane but is afraid to stand up to him. He became much more than the goofy sidekick, and I truly love that.

My favorite change I think was to the Enchantress, and how her part in all of this grew to more than a quick mention. She keeps an eye on the castle, watching to see how her plan works out.

I truly loved this version. It doesn’t diminish the original, it doesn’t replace it, it is it’s own version. And it’s beautiful.











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