This past Sunday I slept for almost the entire day, which made it next to impossible to go to sleep. I decided to try out Journey, because the boyfriend said it was a very pretty and calming game, and I thought that may help me relax enough to be ready for bed. Thankfully, that was a correct thought.

Journey is gorgeous. It’s almost silent; there’s ambient noise but no words, which is a little bizarre, but also so calming. Your character can do a little shout, but it sounds like a bell chiming instead of words. Also, it associates a little symbol to you that is unique, which helps if you meet a companion.

From watching the cut scenes (also without words), what I gathered from Journey is as follows. All of your people are gone. Your life source was trapped and your cities ended up covered in sand. You were created to go to the top of a mountain, and save everyone, by bringing back the life force on your journey.

It’s beautiful, but quite sad. I really don’t want to get into the sadness, because it’s toward the end of the game and is a pretty major plot point. But that being said; it’s a short game. Online it says average play through is 2 hours, completionists take up to 5. I got through it in 1.5 hours, so I got through it then went to bed.

It’s truly a gorgeous game, and I will probably play it through again. There is a possibility you and I could see each other playing; you can show up in someone else’s game if you’re playing at the same time, but the only identifiers are your shout symbol and the designs on your robe.

Regardless of the lack of chat options, you should check out Journey. It’s a quick and beautiful game, with simple controls, and a gorgeous ending.












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