Fangirls, I’m exhausted. These past couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster; we’re always busy, I’m dealing far more anxiety than usual, and my depression keeps coming, wave after wave. But tomorrow we’re finally going to the National Aquarium.

I love fish, ok? They’re beautiful and calming and I can not wait to walk around and just watch them swimming. I feel silly saying repeatedly that I love fish, but I really do. And it’s exciting to go see some big ones in real life.

Tomorrow, my health insurance also kicks in. Though I should have been calling places to make appointments for this coming week two weeks ago, I finally feel like I can call, because my insurance card is here, and I feel like I can make some calls on Monday.

Next weekend I don’t have any plans. I want to clean up the apartment this weekend and week, and get some more art hung, but next weekend I’m just going to relax and take it all in. I can not wait. But also, the aquarium. I’ve been excited to see it since before I moved down here (when we were supposed to see it, but had car troubles and couldn’t), so I’ve been waiting about a year to go look at these fish. And tomorrow, I finally can!

I’m exhausted, but we get to sleep in tomorrow, and then I get a relaxing day with fish. Things are looking the teeniest bit up.

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