Beauty Bits from Brightside Boutique

Last weekend I was told of a rad new boutique on the Avenue. I was told it is filled with cute girl gang merch, and that it was just an awesome feeling to the place. So when we hit the Avenue for lunch, I knew we had to stop in, and I’m glad we did.

I got myself a couple little things; 2 cards, a bar of soap, and a candle. They’re basic things that I tend to gravitate towards at boutiques and small shops, and I was excited about them (let’s not address the collection of soap I haven’t used yet, or the pile of unlit candles in our studio). As soon as I started using the products, I got even more excited about them, so I figured that I must share them with you all!

The candle is a JaxKelly Crystal Candle, and just typing that out makes me feel silly. I’m not too big on the idea that crystals can affect people’s auras, but I do like the idea of witchcraft and candles that smell good, so I felt a little justified in trying out this candle. It smells beyond phenomenal, first of all. It’s a lovely calm smell, that I light as soon as I get up and immediately when I get home. It feels nice, and it has a little moonstone that I will get once its burned down! Plus the info about the stone says that it is a stone of protection, intuition, and feminine energy, so if crystals are your steez, this one is dang rad.

The soap is labeled Hallo Sapa Volcanic Ash Soap. It’s made in the USA, but the box says that it’s “made from the volcanic ash of Iceland’s lavafields…” You can definitely smell the fire of it; though it doesn’t smell like burning, the scent is fiery. Since this is full of ash and sulphur, this soap is good for scrubbing away dead skin and absorbing toxins. I love it. I’ve been so full of bar soaps that the shape alone (like a thicker hockey puck) was exciting, but the smell is intoxicating, and the ash does a phenomenal job of scrubbing. I’ve been using it mostly on my hands and legs; I love the scrub of it, and am hoping it helps keep the ingrown hairs to a minimum. I do keep another soap in the shower though for more delicate areas. The fire of the Hallo Sapa goes well with a light, fresh scent like oranges.

I’m really quite glad that Brightside Boutique came to Baltimore, and I’m excited to buy girl gang gifts there. They have a wide range of fun products, and I can’t wait to see what’s there next time I’m in. If you’re in the area, you can check out Brightside Boutique at 915 W 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211 or view stuff online here.


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