Last Man: The Royal Cup

Last week I wrote about book 1 of this series. Before going further, I suggest you read that, so spoilers from this do not ruin the experience of that. I also recommend you read this series, because it’s beautiful and reading it (instead of a review of it) is the best way to experience it. That being said, on with the show.

Aldana has been taken out of the qualifying match. Adrian is fighting Gregorio, and it’s up to him to beat both Gregorio and Elorna alone. He thrashed Gregorio, and I think Elorna almost allows him to win, because of the way Gregorio has spoken to Adrian and herself. As she walks out, she warns Gregorio not to speak to either of them that way again; it’s incredibly badass and I love her a million times more for not standing for Gregorio’s crap.

Bye, Gregorio.

Winning that match means that Richard Aldana and Adrian Velba are going to the finals. But before that, there is a party held in the royal court, and champions are allowed to wash up in the royal baths beforehand. While bathing, Richard sees someone grab his bag, and he chases them through the court (naked), while trying to get someone to help him. The ladies are just staring and the men give him something new to wear, but no one helps him get his bag back, and he has to dinner in different clothes.

During dinner, the opponents (Lord Ignacio and Count Cristo) are making jokes at Richard’s expense, and he doesn’t take it lightly. He knows that Ignacio has something to do with his missing bag, but since he doesn’t have proof, he can not do anything about it. After he takes a breather, he and Marianne get busy, and Adrian sees a bit of it. He walks off uncomfortably, Richard walks them home, and that’s it for the night.

The next day is the final fight. Our boys go in with high hopes, and though Adrian is knocked out early, Richard comes through and takes the two opponents down. They’ve won the cup, they celebrate, and the night is over. Once again, Marianne and Richard spend the night together, and they say that they love each other. But when she wakes up, he’s gone, and he took the winners cup with him (Adrian and Marianne needed the money from that to survive). So, they have to go after Richard, don’t they?

But that, Fangirls, is for you to read. Or to wait until next week to see what happens as I continue the series review. In the meantime, read these books. They’re read, and beautiful, and they are something I definitely didn’t expect to love as much as I do, but here we are. Go read them!












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