The Bounty Hunter Code

Fangirls, I love Boba Fett. I know he’s a bit overrated, and he isn’t down doing too much in the movies, but I love him. I think he’s a neat character who the extended universe has give a lot of life to (and even if Disney made EU not matter anymore, they’re doing stuff about him). The Bounty Hunter Code is a book that isn’t about him, but is designed around people’s love of Boba Fett; it has a mythosaur skull on both the front and back covers, and his Bounty Hunter patch on the binding. That is because this book is assumed to have been bound by him, and was found in Slave 1 (his ship). It includes annotation from Boba, Greedo, and some other bounty hunters who have had their hands on this text some way or another.

It’s a rad book. It is exactly what the title states; The Bounty Hunter Code. In it are details about the Bounty Hunter Guild, and the innumerable benefits there are to joining. While it isn’t a super easy, simple read, it’s very detailed. There are pages on how to choose the best speeder or weapons for your needs, why being a bounty hunter outside of the Guild is so cruddy, and all sorts of things that we won’t ever see in a movie.

I think my favorite things about this book, is that it gives more personality to bounty hunters that the movies don’t delve into. For example, I’ve always thought that Bossk was rad and badass looking, but reading his annotations I know that I wouldn’t want to be around him; he’s stubborn and on a bit of a high horse. I am finding myself sighing whenever I read text from him. Alternatively, I’ve always crapped all over Dengar; he’s just some dude in toilet paper. But now I can see that he clearly was resourceful enough to help Boba get out of the sarlacc. And that’s not something I think that I’d see elsewhere.

Boba Fett, as expected, is all business. His annotations are mostly details on what was just written in the book, extended information that the Guild is clearly trying to keep secret in case the wrong hands grab it. But Boba does what he wants, always.

Each section of the book is written by someone who is a long-time member of the Guild and also an expert on that thing. It’s neat to read about how sometimes actual rifles are preferable to blasters, and how certain speeders are made for all types of species. It’s also rad to read all the different species names and descriptions, and try to imagine what they look like. There are some illustrations, but they aren’t the focus of the book. The final section is called Death Watch and is by a Mandalorian, so you know it’s good stuff.

A million thank you to my girl Lauren for seeing this and sending it to me. Ohana is obviously the most important thing. If you aren’t lucky enough to have someone who realizes that you need books about Star Wars bounty hunters in your life, then you can order this on Amazon!










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