Fast & Furious

Fangirls I have spent the past two weeks making my way through the Fast & Furious movies. Last night I finally watched 7 (we were supposed to watch it on friday but our disc doesn’t work). So I finished up the series last night, and holy crap. I thought this series was just going to be dumb action stuff, but feelings for these sneak up on you and hit you incredibly hard.

Since this is a 7 part movie series (with the 8th coming out this weekend) I’m going to generalize a stupid amount. There is a lot that happens in these movies, and I don’t have the energy to relive it all right now, so I won’t do that to myself. Also, though these movies aren’t brand new, I do want to warn you that this will get spoiler-y, so don’t read if you haven’t watched them. You should take on the source material before reading this. Alright, let’s ride.

This franchise starts with Vin Diesel (Dom) and Paul Walker (Brian) hating each other. Brian is an FBI agent (which Dom doesn’t know), and Dom runs a crew of serious street racers. Everyone has their car, everyone’s car goes fast. Right off the bat we learn what the most important thing to this crew is; family. Dom and his crew are protective of his sister Mia, and Brian is not shy about being into her.

As the movies go on, the family gets bigger and tighter. Brian and Mia get married, Brian brings in Roman (10/10 the biggest goof), Han shows up. It’s a lot. By Tokyo Drift (technically movie 3 but it belongs after Fast & Furious 6, before the post credit scene), if you’re watching in release order, you care a lot about these characters, and you are anxious to get the heck out of Tokyo and back onto the streets in the US.

These are, at their hearts, goofy action movies. They take themselves seriously, they are full of guns and vendettas, and they travel worldwide. It is not the type of series I feel like I should be a part of. But through every movie, though I watched most of them alone, I shouted expletives and lost my mind.

These movies are awesome; I feel like I can’t say that enough. I was blown away by all of it, and I think the ending of 7 was perfect (perfection to the point of me having to get tissues because I cried over Dom’s monologue), and a wonderful homage to Paul Walker (who passed away during filming).

The short of the long of it is that though I entered this franchise not expecting to care and feeling like there is no place for me in it, I left feeling like a part of the family. Though the movies are a lot of guns and cars and muscles (Dwayne Johnson comes in at movie 5 and WOW), there is a lot of heart to these movies. I will be seeing The Fate of the Furious very soon, and I will be bringing tissues. I highly recommend you binge these 7 and watch 8 in theatres; I have a feeling that screen does it more justice than a regular TV screen.












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