Coady and the Creepies Issue 1 by Liz Prince, Amanda Kirk, and Hannah Fisher

I woke up yesterday with the best intentions, Fangirls; I was going to read Last Man book 3 and serve up some sweet review for it. But I fell into some serious tummy trouble, and that went out the window. Almost everything went out the window when I woke up an hour and a half late today. But there is good news! I read Coady and the Creepies issue 1 today and it’s great! So we’re going to talk about that.

Kat Leyh Cover

Coady and the Creepies starts off with a bummer; these triplets just got in a car accident and their band manager didn’t survive it. Two of the triplets were seriously injured (resulting in a massive face scar and a wheelchair), but the third, Coady, got out unharmed.

Fast forward to now, where they’re on one of the last stops on the Pinmageddon tpur (a tour to play all the punk venues in America where you get pins as proof of playing). The triplets, though all punk has heck, have very different personalities. Criss loves ghosts, and has been reading up on ghosts for each place they play in (for example, La Llorna is of Santa Fe origin), but usually no one listens to her. Corey is a bit of a ladies lady; she’s a flirt, and the band manager seems a bit tired of that. Coady, the drummer, is not super into the fame, and kind of dresses like Dustin from Stranger Things (and I’m incredibly jealous).

In Santa Fe, a rival punk band (The Boneheads) gets on the show at the last minute, earning themselves a Pinmageddon pin also. The Creepies do not like them because, as their name states, they’re boneheads. They seem to have some pretty dated ideas about women, and the Creepies aren’t down with that.

After playing a killer show, Corey flirts with the girl who booked the show while Coady & Criss pack up. After that, Coady is approached by a dude who talks with her a bit. During their talk, Coady learns that ghosts are real, and she is a ghost! She doesn’t want to pass on; she wants to keep playing music with her sisters, but she’s astounded by the ghost information. While she’s learning that about herself, Corey and her smooch buddy are also learning that ghosts are real, from La Llorna herself!

This first issue really got me pumped. I have always loved Boom Box comics; they’re typically all ages with great storylines and messages. This is no exception, I can feel it. Issue 2 comes out next Wednesday, so do yourself a favor; grab issue 1 this week, and immediately get that into your pull box! You’re going to have a blast reading it, and I have a feeling that it will soon be tough to find.
























All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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