April 14

Up until last night this week was a-ok. I made cupcakes for work, I pet a dog, and I hung out with a child. It was a lot, but seemed like a good situation. Last night, however, when I got home from work, I started to make the frosting for the aforementioned cupcakes. I’m excited about this whole cupcake frosting combo because it’s character themed and I have been thinking about it for awhile. But anyway, I had to make frosting.

The frosting recipe that I followed looked really good, but it did not set. Buttercream frosting is supposed to thicken up so you can frost it with pretty tips. It can be difficult to get the exact designs you want, but it’s quite incredible what can be done with it. If the frosting doesn’t set, however, you’ll get spreadable, sweet, mush to top your cupcakes with. I ended up using an entire bag of confectioners sugar, and worked on the frosting for 2.5 hours, and it still wouldn’t set all the way. I ended up saying screw it, and frosting them anyway, to pop in the fridge.

I get really frustrated when I can’t do things in the kitchen properly, because I feel like I am almost always good there. I can cook, I can bake, and I can follow a recipe like nobodies business. So having such an extreme flop was frustrating. As of right now, they look ok. The cold of the fridge helped them to solidify a bit. I’m hoping they make it to work okay.











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