Skeletor’s Guide to Self Care by Skeletor

I was originally going to drop this into the comic review slot, but this is more of a zine than anything else, and since I’m on a roll with Last Man comics, I figured we could pop this in here. And as wild as that title sounds, it’s exactly what it says; a book about self care, written by Skeletor.

Skeletor is the main bad boy in He-Man. He wants to rule the universe, but his buffoonish minions make that difficult. Not only that, but the dude has a lot on his plate. And this book is a reminder that he needs to take care of himself first, and it’s a good way to remind yourself to do the same.

Though the title is hilarious, the information in this book is accurate. It is a legitimate book on taking care of yourself; everything from cutting out toxic relationships to taking care of a pet to remind you that life isn’t totally bleak and worthless. It’s phenomenal. Sure, it’s funnier to those who watched He-Man, but it’s still damn funny if you aren’t super familiar with the source material.

I think the best thing about it is that nowhere in the book does it credit an author other than Skeletor. The publisher is Eternia Press, and Eternia is where He-Man takes place. A single google search told me that it’s actually produced by Pioneer Press and is the 2nd edition, but they also credit him as the author. I guess Skeletor is real, and we should make a trip to Eternia to thank him for this fantastic book.

I’m keeping it brief because the book is, but holy cow, you should read this. Especially if you know someone with depression or seasonal affective disorder, this is great for everyone. It’s funny but full of true and helpful advice, presented in an incredibly special way. You can purchase a copy for yourself and all of your friends here. Of note; this book contains adult language. It is written for folks who grew up with He-Man and are now adults.












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